Clinique For Men

Some men can be a little bit lazy when it comes to skincare – but sometimes I don’t think they realise how important a good skin regime is, it can really completely change how you look as well as how you feel. There are hundreds of men’s skincare products on the market but personally I feel that the best products are from Clinique – from experience using the women’s skincare and brothers and my boyfriend using the men’s products, it is definitely worth investing in.

Clinique recommend that you cleanse, exfoliate and moisturise twice a day, which I can imagine is not going to be likely for a busy working man, but some form of weekly skin routine can help prevent signs of fatigue, shaving rash and dry skin. Ingrown hairs on the face will be greatly reduced by exfoliating too – as it gets rid of all of the dead skin cells on the face, which can also brighten the appearance too, we recommend using the products from this Men’s Skincare Kit as well, this kit is perfect for all skin types.

Some of the products are a little pricy, but most of the products suit all skin types so it can be easy to choose something; the concessions also have really friendly staff to help you out too if you need to ask any questions. Men’s grooming was once seen as an embarrassing or mythical topic, with men barely being able to tell the difference between a moisturiser and a cleanser – but male grooming is bigger than ever, and that’s the direction it should keep going in because it really does make a huge difference to your appearance.

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