CLEAN SHAVEN – These razors will upgrade your sink time

We know, all you guys know how to shave, you know how to get a smooth face, you know it all. But do you? What if we told you about a company that will deliver high quality razors and other grooming products, right to your door. Well yes, right to your door, Clean Shaven coming from Lancashire, a good British company, in 2013 launched affordable alternative razors and have over 70,000+ customers across the UK.

When you shave, how do you manage your facial topiary, no matter your style and length, you can forget your flimsy disposable razors, as when it comes to a clean shave, your skin really does deserve the best. You need to know how to get a clean shave as there is nothing worse than raw, sensitive and red skin after a shave, so much has been blamed on the downturn razor industry, But seriously skin, and with it, the clean shave is back in the game, and that guys means with it comes some prep work to do.

Clean Shaven are re-educating men in their clean shave technique whether it replacing razor incorporating skin friendly shaving cream and shaving gel products or tweaking your post-shave techniques with different razors to suit your face, Clean Shaven are on hand to give you all the help your need.

So we all know what a clean shave is, don’t we? Simply put, a clean shave means literally no beard, no stubble, no man mane and certainly no mug rug, it’s just that a clean shave will give you a really smooth close shave and lets your skin breathe, so that you good looks can do the talking! It’s not hard to achieve, and with Clean Shaven you can get the look in minutes.

How often should you change your razor, well most modern razor blades are meant to last between 5 and 20 shaves, as each time you clean chave, the sharp delicate edge of your razor become slightly blunter, then cause the blades to get blunt, then you don’t get that baby smooth face after a good shave. And also harmful bacteria can spread through the razor blade, and if you get a nick, it can be infected.

So how do you start with Clean Shaven? You can buy a trial set in three different sets, one off payment and there is no subscription needed, just affordable shaving goods. You can earn loyalty points for every order you make and great support. The first trial set we tried came with a weighted razor handle, 5 blade cartridge, shave gel and a travel blade cover. Each trial set will deliver more in the box, so you can choose which one you would like. Clean Shaven also has a range of fragrances, for that perfect finish on your way out.\