Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

In today’s market, you can choose from a variety of different diamonds, some of which are known as clarity enhanced diamonds. Enhancing the diamond’s clarity is also known as a fracture filling. In this blog, we will discuss both topics so you can learn what you need to know.

Clarity Enhanced diamond before and after enhancement:(Source)

What are Clarity Enhanced Diamonds?

Clarity enhanced diamonds are diamonds with imperfections that are visible to the naked eye. Hence, they’re ranked I1, I2, and I3 in clarity – diamonds that nobody wants. And that is true; who wants a diamond with “eye-visible” inclusions? A jeweler then treats the stone to make the imperfections invisible to the human eye. The treatment is similar to the idea of repairing a windshield by filling in the cracks. Similar to this, the treatment of unenhanced diamonds is fractured filling that is used to enhance the diamonds. 

Should I Go For Clarity Enhanced Diamonds? 

It depends on the circumstances. Many customers who select clarity enhanced diamonds by are satisfied and very happy with their purchase. Unhappy customers most likely bought unenhanced diamonds from sellers who didn’t mention the defect. Several jewelers don’t like the idea of clarity enhanced diamonds. This is because it allows people to buy diamonds at low prices, making them more affordable to the average buyer.

Whether you’re on the lookout for an engagement ring or a pair of earrings, you should opt for clarity enhanced diamonds by Diamonds-USA to get the best affordable engagement ring. An enhanced diamond is worth buying. 

Do Enhanced Diamonds Reduce the Value?

No, they don’t, and here is why they don’t – if a person buys clarity enhanced diamonds, they are charged for clarity enhancement and its associated labor costs. Let’s say we take a diamond worth 2-carat that was I1 in clarity with visible variations, worth around 8 to 10 thousand. Enhancing the clarity will add to its value, which means an increase in price. If you think about it, this deal doesn’t sound bad at all. 

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are 100% Natural, Not Lab Created

Clarity enhanced diamonds by Diamonds-USA are 100% natural, not lab-created. There’s a major distinction between natural and lab grown diamonds. Let’s say you take two faceted crystallized carbons. Both look crystal clear and appear the same, but they are vastly different. While one was formed naturally, taken from earth’s crust, the other one was created in a lab. The point is that they are similar in properties, such as physical, chemical, and optical properties. 

Diamonds are carbon in their purest form and are naturally-occurring. Lab-grown diamonds look similar, and only trained gemologists can tell the difference between them. Clarity enhanced diamonds, however, are not lab created; they are naturally formed and pure. 

Why Diamonds’ Filling Fall Out

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) takes certain stones and makes them go through a few tests. They found three reasons why diamonds filling may come out. 

  • Harsh exposure to chemicals
  • Exposure to boiling acid
  • Exposure to heat and fire 
  • Repeated re-cutting

If you’ve given the jeweler your diamond ring for a wash or repair, make sure to tell them that your diamond is enhanced. You can either tell them straight away or provide them with the purchase card that details everything. He will then be careful not to use fire or harsh chemicals on it to make it lose its filling. 

The Other Type of Clarity Enhancement

The other one is laser treatment. Yes you read that right! While filled, enhanced diamonds can become unfilled, unenhanced due to certain conditions; laser works as a permanent treatment. To turn them into clarity enhanced diamonds, the diamonds are treated for eye-visible feathers. Meanwhile, laser drilling will take place on eye-visible black inclusions; they are super big and clearly visible to the naked eye. 

Facts You Need To Keep In Mind

There are two major facts to keep in mind about laser treated diamonds. 

  • The first is that GIA will offer reports for laser treated diamonds, but not for filled diamonds, ensuring they are authentic. 
  • The second is that a jeweler does not disclose that a diamond is laser-treated. However, you can ask this on your own. 

Importance of Lab Reports for Laser Drilled Diamonds 

A major reason why lab reports are important is that GIA is unable to correctly pick the grade of the diamond before making them clarity enhanced diamonds. Imperfections sometimes remain obvious under magnification, qualifying for an imperfect grade, whereas some aren’t visible, qualifying for most SI grades. 

How to Detect Laser Drilled Diamond?

In some cases, laser drilling is far too visible, even without a microscope, while other defects aren’t observable through the naked eye. The detection of laser drilling depends on how deep the diamonds are drilled and where the diamond has been drilled. When the diamond is tilted upwards, it is impossible to see the defects. That’s because the drilling is typically done vertically, where you can see black effects. Not to mention, a hole from a laser drill is way too small, so it’s more like a pinpoint inclusion. 

Are Laser Drilled Diamonds Better?

Not really! It is not necessary to note what is better and what is not. It is great that GIA issues grading reports for drilled diamonds, but it is not necessary that laser drilled are better than filled diamonds, as both share the same level of grading I1. Clarity enhanced diamonds by are guaranteed to offer high satisfaction but are not necessarily more valuable than the rest. Each diamond has its own qualities and must stand out from a crowd based on merit. 

To Sum Up

If all aspects of a laser treated diamond, including shape, color, and cut, meet your expectations, and it’s clear to the naked eye, don’t let the fact that it laser filled stop you. Of course, you must go for better price options to benefit from trading, but don’t look for little flaws that overshadow impressive features. And if you want clarity enhanced diamonds by Diamonds-USA that fall within your price range, you must consider buying them. Also, Diamonds-USA offers a guarantee on the clarity enhancement process, so if anything happens to the diamond you buy; they will fix it for free. Clarity enhanced diamonds will definitely last a long time and offer the luxurious appeal that you desire in jewelry.