Look After Your Beard With Claan

Beards are everywhere; even Mrs. Timmerman, my neighbour, is sporting a few chin hairs these days. But enough of the world’s greatest baker of Victoria sponges, today we are talking about British handcrafted luxury beard care.

Come with us to discover the finest beard oils and grooming products in Claan’s opening collection.

A Journey Awakens

The inspiration behind this collection is rooted in passion. Seeking more than most beard care products could provide, the brand was inspired to find and capture the elusive themselves; the ultimate, the exquisite and the eternally memorable.

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So, we all have passions, but where to go with them? The people of Claan set out with passion, mindfulness and diligence. The team partnered with artisan craftsmen in order to find the perfect balance between style and functionality.

They worked together on alchemy, blending fragrances and the purest oils for an entire year, not only to create the best and finest, ‘most alluring elixirs’ but to embody them with a depth, soul and elegance that is timeless.

The belief of the brand is an enduring belief of excellence that is so apparent when you look and use the products. The beard oils are handcrafted in England, and in small batches, to exacting standards.

This encompasses all that Claan stands for, and a reason why some of us at MFM are leaving our razors in the cupboard and looking for a hairier future on our faces.


The Collection 


Let’s just first look at the Bloodline Conditioning Beard Oil. The Claan people (not to confuse with the Top of the Pops dancers we all grew up loving and wanting to be!) produces stunning products in stunning packaging.

We’re not proud of judging a product by its cover, but we have to, here. Simple but elegant.

Now, to the specifics.  What the conditioning oil gives you is mellow, woody notes which are married with spicy pepper and aromatic cardamom. This leads to a rising warmth of sooth rosewood which helps to calm the skin and keep it smooth and soft.

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Vetivers and sandalwood dovetail the sophisticated smokey core, as it lays down to reveal whispers of sensuous amber, echoing the orient at its heart.

The oil is carried by a rich albeit light blend of coconut, almond and avocado vitamin E oils (how 2017!)

These special ingredients heal and nourish your skin and soften hair to add an amazing strength and shine. No alcohol is added to keep your hair fresh and healthy.


Virtue marks the birth of an exquisite new fresh fragrance, that stands out for its seductive and refined nature.

The Virtue Conditioning Beard Oil opens with fresh citrus tones of Italian bergamot and mandarin, as well as woody notes of cedar leaf, sandalwood and, our personal favourite, patchouli.

Like the Bloodline Conditioning Oil, these ingredients are carried by soothing coconut and almond vitamins but is heavier on the nose with fragrances of musk and deep leather.

There’s also facecloths, trimming scissors and a pure bristle beard brush to help you treat your beard the way it ought to be treated.

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Join the Claan

Everybody’s heard of the beard trend, now it’s time to hear about Claan. We have not seen such a luxurious brand for beards in a long time.

These exciting products will keep your skin and hair happy and trust us, you’ll thank us for what you see in the mirror every morning. You’ll never have another bad beard day!

For the full collection, click here.