Sunglasses? Not just for summer.

So here we have it, a relaunch of some great new eyewear for you to get excited about. British eyewear maven, CIRCULR, is heralding a fresh era, unveiling their triumphant renaissance marked by a captivating new collection that came on the scene in early August. This remarkable rebirth has been orchestrated in collaboration with none other than the illustrious Vikkstar – YouTube sensation and DJ extraordinaire – renowned globally for his exploits with The Sidemen, now seamlessly integrated into CIRCULR’s fold as a co-founder. The ingress of Vikkstar into CIRCULR’s realm heralds a rejuvenation, infusing vitality into the enterprise with their affordable new collection, propelled by Vikkstar’s formidable social media following and coupled with his fervour for music and nightlife, is poised to cast an indelible impression on the eyewear landscape.

In 2016, CIRCULR’s genesis was orchestrated by the visionary duo of Leon Scott and Danny Buck, each determined to let the world know that their glasses came with unparallelled finesse and quality, CIRCULR’s freshest forward-thinking eyewear that isn’t limited to fleeting summer whims; so let’s debunk the myth that sunglasses are solely a summer affair, with British weather being so fickle it’s important that you can afford several pairs or more sunglasses to suit several seasons, like bright frames and shaded lenses: your express ticket to radiate “celebrity on the move” vibes all year round. Can’t beat that really. The inaugural collection boasts seven distinct silhouettes, each bearing the discreet insignia of CIRCULR, elegantly etched into the upper right corner of solid black lenses, ensuring steadfast 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Ditch the notion of breaking the bank for your next stylish eyewear fix, thanks to an insurgence of low-key eyewear labels. CIRCULR stands tall as a beacon of exceptional sunglass diversity in the market all while nesting within an accessible price ambit. From subtly quirky classics to avant-garde profiles housed in delectably vibrant frames, this brand delivers an enticing spectrum. The innovation never ceases, with fresh styles frequently unveiled, often in synergy with equally chic collaborators. Boredom? A distant memory. Plus, with a price tag shy of £40, these sunnies emerge as some of the most wallet-friendly gems on this coveted roster. Don a pair, and suddenly, you exude that enigmatic “Wait, is that guy famous?” aura, effortlessly.

Check it, the first collection brings you seven standout styles, and each one rocks the low-key CIRCULR signature – a little nod etched right onto the top right corner of those slick black lenses. And don’t even sweat it – those lenses have got your eyes covered with hardcore 100% UVA/UVB protection. It’s like your eyes are on vacation while you’re strolling down the street. So, in a nutshell, CIRCULR isn’t just about shades; it’s about embracing your vibe, rocking your style, and having those peepers of yours pampered with the ultimate UV shield. 🕶️🔥

Feeling inundated by all the range of choices? Begin here – these are the timeless investments that will eternally define style, today, tomorrow, and a decade from now. 

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