This crazy cool camo backpack will get you noticed!

What is it about camouflage that pops up everywhere and seems to be a trend every season, it’s just one of those patterns that will always be a huge staple in most guys’ wardrobes or households! Let’s be honest, it brings to mind masculine, muted and no-one seems to mind it. So, instead of embracing the camo’s understated, earthy qualities, the volume gets turned up on the print way up and loosens the reins on the way it’s used too. 

This season’s backpack is anything-but basic, the Chrome Hondo backpack boasts details that you won’t find from some other brands just yet, and wearing this one will get you noticed, and you can also bet you may get stopped and ask where it is from. The way to ensure that you will always look different with your camo backpack is to buy something that stands out, eye-catching, a tough and spacious built for the urban commuter – and somewhat ironically perhaps, that might come in the form of Chrome’s new HONDO backpack

This backpack is for guys (and girls) whose idea of a hike may involve heading to the nearest shopping centre, an urban city walk, or meeting the mates for an impromptu drink.  And while the bag looks pretty stunning in an always-cool camo print, there is no hiding just how great this is. Whether you’re talking about a spacious inside that will carry much more than you think or the sleek minimalist silhouette. 

Chrome are a Portland based urban accessories and apparel label, who’s designs are  street tough ready for urban towns and city life. The Hondo backpack comes in a contemporary flare in the distinctive new Duck Camo, which is a perfect autumn to winter backpack in warming shades straight out of a woodland forest of green, brown and orange within this time-honoured pattern. The Hondo backpack features Chrome Heritage materials of DWR coated, abrasion-resistant outer shell and what you would expect for them, loads or space inside for organisation, with a padded sleeve that will fit up to a 15” laptop and all the necessary chargers.

There are several other Heritage styles in these distinctive limited editions, oin premium materials, durability and ready for whatever elements get thrown at them, and all come with a lifetime guarantee. This is one backpack you just can’t miss this autumn.

 Built to last and too bold to hold.

Buy online: CHROME