Christopher Cloos Sunglasses: Don’t Leave Home Without them

Who would have thought that a chance meeting would have led to a world renowned sunglasses company.
And this man, known as Christopher Cloos, not only gave the founders the name of the company, but inspired them to name one of their pairs of glasses after the beach on which they met. A Danish company, located in Copenhagen, New York and San Francisco, they combined their love for the French ‘Mode de vie’ with world wide style appeal.

We have chosen three of our best sellers, to give you an insight to just how beautiful and versatile they are, but the choice of colours and frames. And all of them are they are unisex. Even better!

We start with ‘Paloma’ a classic and big favourite with our customers. Inspired by the beach named ‘Paloma’ in the South of France, these round framed sunglasses are minimalistic and have that all-important timeless shape. An iconic vintage-era shape, freshened up with a hint of Bourbon in colour. Your beach vacation won’t feel complete without them, The frames are polarized and made with amazing spring hinges that means that they require zero maintenance.

The ‘Pampelonne’ is another beach-named favourite in Ramatuelle, that is the crown jewel of the beaches in St Tropez area. A universally flattering shape in a colorway that goes with everything. And if you wear these, be prepared for ‘Hollywood’ to become your new nickname or for the guys the right finishing touch for your trim black suit. Available in 5 classic colours, Bourbon, Champagne, Espresso, On the rocks and Rose. If you haven’t got the hint by this point, we’ll help you out. These glasses are very cool right now.

Back to the French Riviera again, this time ‘Mala Plage’ known as one of the most beautiful places on the Riviera, you would fit in very nicely wearing a pair of these sunglasses. These sleek and svelte frames just about anybody can pull off with exquisite details that take you back there, time after time. And the Champagne colour sunnies make everyday a celebration too.

There’s a pair of sunglasses right here, for you. Time to start searching.