Christmas Wrapping 101

Oh, the weather outside is frightful. But that doesn’t mean your Christmas shopping, and in turn the wrapping, should follow. Whether you’re wrapping up a simple box, or a more difficult shape like a jumper or a bottle of Christmassy Chianti, we’ll show you some tips and tricks on how to get those gifts to sparkle and shine, without reaching for the nearest wine bag.

Shopping can strike the fear of God into some people, and wrapping for others. Heck, there was even a song called Christmas wrapping; which no-one in the English-speaking world still knows the words to. So sit back, and arm yourself with scissors and tape dispenser (a must when it comes to wrapping).

This time of year should be enjoyed, not feared. You’ve spent the time and money on your thoughtful gifts, so let the thought continue over to your wrapping, whether you’re staring at an unwrapped box of eau de parfum or a tray of waiting-to-be-bagged festive flapjacks. And remember, there’s always time for a bow!

Crafty Christmas

wrapping 1

There has been a renaissance for vintage wrapping this year, from 1950s-inspired printed paper to brown paper packages tied up with string. These two tastes are highly different, but are both simple to execute. If you’re using a lavishly-printed paper, keep it simple by letting the wrapping speak for itself.

There’s no need to adorn each gift with bells and whistles; the (tissue) paper might just be enough and will save you lots of time in the last few hectic weeks before the big day.

wrapping 2

On the other hand, plain paper might scream BORING to those of you who enjoy bright and bold colours, so use this as your chance to get creative. Tie your plain brown parcels with festive ribbon or, alternatively, decorate the presents with Christmas tree decorations for something different this season. Or, break the rules completely and do both; find a wrapping paper you love and wrap that special gift with bows, ribbons, buttons, leaves or even twigs.

We recommend festive-scented cinnamon sticks and star anise, as well as dried slices of apple and clementine tied with raffia or twine; we’re dreaming of a 4D Christmas this year, but without breaking the bank. These food-inspired ideas are readily-available and inexpensive. Without doubt, these Nordic-themed ideas are perfect for this time of year, but can also be customised for any of those awkward December birthdays by swapping festive ribbon with plain-coloured ribbon.

craft 22

Luxe Wrapping

wrapping 3

There are many shops and stores which solely specialise in gifts and wrapping. Most are on the high street, but there are a few hidden gems that can be found on the internet (as well as blogs and apps) simply by typing in a few keywords into a search engine: Christmas ribbon, luxury wrapping, wrapping ideas etc.

Nowadays, most stores offer wrapping paper by the sheet; an alternative to buying on a roll. Although this is a slightly more expensive route you don’t have to bundle all your gifts into one group.

wrapping 4

Mix it up by using slightly less expensive (tissue) paper for the majority of your presents, but perhaps leave the one you’re treasuring the most to be wrapped in something a little more special. Whatever your taste, there is an array of papers and ribbons to hand this year, whether you’re a slave to the high street or enjoy trolling the internet for rare finds.

This look is all about luxury and decadence, so heavily-printed patterns are a must. What is more, not everything has to match; by a few mismatched patterns to create your own look. For this, jewel peacock colours are on trend this year and will be perfect for those of you who would like to depart from the traditional tartans or candy cane-striped wrapping you usually receive from Mr. C.

luxe 22

That’s a Wrap!

wrapping 5

Christmas wouldn’t be the same without wrapping. That special moment when you tear into a parcel that has your name on. That’s right – you must have done something nice this year because this is for you! Here at MFM, we are Christmas-crazy, and this is our gift guide to you. If you’re on a budget this Christmas, or a self-confessed Scrooge, replace luxe ribbon with raffia or twine. Both are cheap enough when bought in bulk from a specialist store, or a local Garden centre, and give a rustic and creative look to your wrapping.

If you’re not a Grinch, however, try your hand at festive fusion with the rustic luxe look: use plain brown paper and glitzy ribbon for something different this year. Whatever you try, whether it’s crafty or luxe, bought or homemade, we think that wrapping makes all the difference to a gift. So try something special this year for a Christmas they’ll never forget. And all that’s left to say is Merry Christmas to all, and to all happy wrapping!