Christmas is coming – give that special man the ultimate starter set

What better time to start thinking about Christmas gifts, as the big day is drawing closer, and you’re thinking about the ultimate present.

The Pure Shave shaving cream is insanely good, you don’t need much to give you an extremely comfortable shave and has been specifically developed to eliminate those nasty razor burns and razor rash, it;s light and will leave your skin feeling hydrated after you’ve finished your shave, as to opposed to that old familiar dry and rough that you can get with other shave creams and gels. Pure shave uses the best natural ingredients that will provide your skin with a well nourished and irritation free shave.

Some of you might actually shave in the shower, and by doing that you let the steam and heat open the pores to allow for a closer shave, the Pure Shave shaving cream is made from all natural ingredients, filled with coconut and sweet almond oil, you’ll find that your razor will give you the best shave that’s a prefect frictionless shave that you’ve probably been looking for and from Pure Shave, deserve. So, on days that you shave, you need the best products, don’t use what your dad used, you have to be modern and smart and really try something better.

If you’re jealous of those that have big bushy beards, it’s better that you know your own facial hair and be experienced enough to know your own facial hair and recognise that if you’re clean shaven you’re looking your best and probably won’t if you try to grow one.

After you’ve gone through the first bit of sorting out your shave, got smooth skin, it’s time to move on to  moisturising. Your shaving routine shouldn’t finish after the last stroke, your next and end part of looking good is the moisturiser as although applying moisturiser and aftershave are both good steps, protecting your skin over the long term should be involved than that. The Pure Shave moisturiser is great for dry or dehydrated skin, although the shaving cream will give you hydration, the moisturiser can be used daily after your shave or after that first morning shower, it’ll give your skin a boost with it’s light moisturiser and non-greasy formula.

This Pure Shave starter kit is the perfect ultimate gift. The bag is handcrafted from beautiful waxed saddle leather, sometimes known as Crazy Horse Leather and the application of wax over the leather has created a beautiful rustic look that will age and with scratches and scuffs adds character and a vintage feel. With one large compartment  for all your travelling or storing needs, and a lower base compartment that’s great for storing razors, blades, scissors etc.

Adding a touch of luxury is the final touch to your shave, luxurious shaving towel,  that will give you the hot towel shaving experience.Ina thicker weave to trap the heat longer, and made from 100% organic cotton, it’s kind to the environment too. And be sure this is not a face cloth but a super-soft proper barber towel.

Pure Shave comes in eco-friendly packaging, and even better, when your aluminium bottles are empty, simply refill with the Pure Shave eco refillable pouch. Go on, put it on your Christmas list or give it to someone special.