Choosing The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Sunglasses can absolutely make or break a look, so no pressure. Finding a beautiful pair of frames on a shelf is one thing but finding that same level of stunning style in a shape that actually frames your face correctly is another.


As we approach sunglass–season the retailers will be full of styles to choose from, but don’t forget that sunglasses are really an all year round wardrobe staple. Stark winter sun, holidays, fresh out of bed after one too many… you get the picture. Investing in a decent pair of sunglasses that fit and suit you to a T, can change your whole style – simply by adding this small functional detail.


Understanding your face shape

In order to determine the best style of shades, you need to first figure out what your face shape is. By no means does finding your face shape then suggest that you are limited to just one style or brand for the rest of your life – so don’t worry! If anything this should open your eyes to more variation as you begin to feel more comfortable in shopping and wearing sunglasses, and you can even use them to promote your brand since custom logo sunglasses are a great promotional for this purpose and also look great with any fashion.


In order to find the best sunglasses for your face, you need to figure out what shape yours is. It’s important to note there are seven main types of face shape, but there are plenty of variations in between to make it slightly more daunting! It goes without saying, don’t study each face shape and take it too literally.


The design of a pair of sunglasses is almost like choosing a haircut or beard trim, the idea is to frame your face and enhance your features.



Broad cheekbones and jutting jawlines are quite common in masculine features and this is why a square face shape tends to be the most common.

With this in mind, you want to try and avoid bulky frames that might give you an overall heavy look. You want an effortless style that compliments the angles on your face, not overshadows them. Aim for thinner frames with a rounder shape.


Best shapes for a square face: Aviator, Round, Clubmaster, Rimeless





In contrast to men with angular faces, your face will be less defined. So with your sunglasses, the aim is to create definition and highlight your features.  By choosing angular sunglasses this will help do just that. Going for a wider frame will help your jawline stand out more and create a balanced aesthetic.  Any shapes that are small or round will make your face appear rounder – so go with the ‘opposites attract’ rule.


Best shapes for a rounder face: Square, Wayfarer, Clubmaster





Not a huge difference to a round face so you want to achieve a similar result. Sharp frames work best as they will create the chiselling effect that you’re looking for. Sunnies with thicker frames also tend to work really well on defining your facial features if you describe yourself as an oblong face shape.


Best shapes for an oblong face: Wayfarer, Shield, Aviator



Heart Shape

If you have a heart-shaped face it can be a little harder to get right. You will tend to have a narrow chin and a wider forehead, so you don’t want anything too thick or too heavy on detail that could overpower your face shape. You want to strive for a thinner frame and a rounded glass. A more minimal style will suit you best.


Best shapes for a heart face: Round, Clubmaster, Minimal Frame



If you’ve got a triangular face you’re probably not too dissimilar to our heart shaped fellas, but your features are probably a little more angular – for example, your jawline will also probably be a little wider than theirs too.

The misconception can be with wider foreheads to go for a big frame, which could be the case for you too but don’t be afraid to try thinner frames as well, or even frames lighter in colour. The difference for you from the above face shape is you’ll want to look for a more squared lens shape. something that created a balanced loo


Best shapes for a triangle face: Wayfarer, Clubmaster




Similar to the triangular face, you’re aiming a balancing angular shape for your sunnies! However, you will probably find you have a face that lends itself better to styles with more detail and heavier shape. Oval shaped frames will help soften the lower half of your face and the detail and thicker frame will ensure a balanced vibe.


Best shapes for a rounder face: Aviator, Wayfarer, Clubmaster



Guys with oval face shapes have the best of both worlds in the sunglasses game. Your face will be longer than it is wide and a rounded

jaw line. Defined features paired with a rounded face shape tends to offer you plenty of opportunities when choosing a frame to suit your face.


If you are lucky enough to have so much choice, I really would recommend experimenting with various styles and going for something you really love. Why limit yourself when you don’t have to. Go wild!


Best shapes for an oval face: Anything and everything probably …not that we’re bitter! Try giving more daring styles ago, styles that can really change a whole outfit or style, you’ll be surprised how easy it is for you to pull off trend-led looks.



Hopefully, by understanding your face shape better, you should find buying sunglasses easier and more enjoyable. These shapes are simply a guide to help you shop but they key to finding your style is to try different styles, brands and retailers. Everyone’s features are so different that there is no one size fits all and by changing other aspects of your look like your hair, beard and outfit can change the whole look.


Also, don’t forget that other than frame and lens shape you can also play around with colours and stylized glasses – maybe a retro look or a super contemporary shade! The possibilities are endless!