Choosing The Right Shirt For A Holiday

Preparing for a winter holiday is no mean feat and no holiday is complete without feeling and looking good.

No sooner have you settled down by the fireplace and resolved yourself to early winter nights, than you are booking a flight out of here to fight the winter blues. Whether you are drinking cocktails in Miami, skiing in the Alps, on safari in Africa or surfing in Australia this winter, there is a knack to looking and feeling good.


A shirt is a style staple in any mans wardrobe but what shirt should you opt for? What shirt will keep you looking stylish but feeling cool in the process?

In this article we break down what you need to look for alongside who we recommend.

The Summer Shirt

In our last post about the summer shirt we broke down the types of shirt you should opt for in the summer and from the short sleeve office shirt to cuban collars the choice is vast.

Alongside the style of shirt the fabric is also important as opting for a heavy-weight cotton or flannel will leave you sweating in the heat. Keeping fabric in mind colour is also another thing to think about, as choosing the wrong colour can have a huge impact on your overall style.

Therefore we wanted to simplify it for you and highlight a brand that ticks all of the boxes.

Introducing Worboys Shirts (& Special Giveaway)

Worboys offer a range of cool and fabulously comfortable casual shirts. Crafted from the finest super soft 100% poplin, there are currently 15 designs ranging from subtle geometrics and florals to bold paisleys.

Introducing the colours of the rainbow into the men’s shirt market, Worboys Shirts offers an exquisite pattern and colour for every occasion and mood.

As with anything we recommend quality should always be at the forefront of a brand and Worboys pay attention to the finer details making sure quality and sophistication is of a high level.

Basing their designs and fits around classic styles they implement a pop of fun through their unique designs.

Every shirt is named after a city the design has been inspired by. Are you a Rotterdam kind of guy or a Miami kind of guy?

Our favourites?


(From left to right: Miami, Monaco, Seattle, Seville)

Win A Worboys Shirt

Teaming up with Worboys we’ve arranged for a free shirt to be given to one lucky reader. All you need to do is enter your email below to be in with a chance to win.

Competition Ends: 14th February 2017



So what shirt is your favourite? What one would you want to win?

Let us know in the comments below.

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If you’re looking to become a Worboys man and ensure a stylish escape, visit the website at

With a vast selection choose from sizes ranging from 15” to 19”neck, in two styles; generous slim fit and flattering classic fit.