Choosing the Perfect Work Bag

If you like to take a pride in your appearance and care about how people perceive you, then you’ll be all too aware that the devil is in the detail. For instance, you may be wearing a sharp suit with a crisp white shirt but the whole look is ruined by the well worn shoes you are wearing. There’s an art to looking good and when you get it right it’s undoubtedly a confidence booster.

Clothes and grooming are only part of it, having the right accessories is also key. Many a time on my commute to work, I have seen smart looking guys carrying low budget bags and backpacks. You know, the kind of bag I mean, it’s the type you may have carried when you went to school, and I just think, why not invest into a quality bag and really complete the look. Not only is it a good investment because it will last for many years, it just looks so much more professional and is a real pleasure to use and carry on a daily basis.

What type of bag to get

There is no one answer for this. We all have our own personal preferences which are influenced by a number of factors such as personal taste, what type of job we do and of course what we intend to use it for.

If you’re a suited professional such as a lawyer, bank manager, accountant or maybe middle management for instance, you may prefer a briefcase as it is perfect for carrying paperwork and possibly a laptop and it just looks the part.

However for the majority of us, we just need a bag for the daily commute and generally to carry stuff to and from work. There are three popular options to choose from. Firstly a laptop bag if that’s the primary reason you need the bag for. Secondly a backpack if generally you carry loads of kit around and thirdly a messenger bag which for me is the sensible choice as it’s a flexible bag that allows you to carry a range of items, it’s easy to carry over your shoulder leaving your hands free but allows added security because you can swivel it around to the front of your body in cramped situations.

Size and practicality

This is just a question of thinking about what you are likely to carry. A laptop bag is perfect if you’re just carrying your laptop and documents but if you also intend to carry your lunch, it may not be so perfect for you. In this instance perhaps a laptop backpack may suit better but crucially check the size of your laptop before making your purchase. Also consider the practicalities of carrying the bag whilst you’re on the move. Backpacks are a sensible choice because you are spreading the weight over both shoulders but can sometimes be a little anti social in cramped spaces and a little awkward if you have to keep taking it off to access your tickets or maybe a map. A messenger bag may be more appropriate as they tend to come with many useful outer pockets which can be accessed easily without taking the bag off your shoulder.

Another important consideration is your own stature. If you are say vertically challenged, a big bag may become inconvenient and heavy.

Style and quality

You don’t have to break the bank to buy style. There are plenty of bags out there that are made from hard wearing nylon or a mix of leather and nylon that look very stylish. Avoid sloppy bags and choose one that is structured, it’ll look so much sharper and look much more appropriate when you are wearing smart clothes. This is especially the case with backpacks. Structured backpacks, look so much better than a sloppy ones.

If you can, choose leather. This natural material is very durable, waterproof and hard wearing. It has a natural beauty that seems to improve with age which gives it a timeless elegance. This is especially the case with Italian leather which is almost always tanned with eco friendly natural vegetable dyes which provides a real depth of colour and makes each bag so unique. Okay so it’s not the cheapest but it is a real investment as it will undoubtedly last for many years and the daily knocks and scrapes will just add to it character. A handcrafted leather messenger bagsuch as the one found at Attavanti that is made in Italy will, by default, be stylish.

A Colour to suit

We all have a favourite colour, mine’s red, although I wouldn’t necessarily choose to have bag that colour, I’m far too conservative for that. I’m not saying don’t have a bold colour, some people really love to make a statement and that’s perfectly fine. I just mean this is a bag for the long term and you are undoubtedly going to pair it up to lots of outfits over the coming years so it may be worth considering a more sober colour, say brown, black, blue or tan.

To sum up, it is definitely worth taking careful consideration before making a decision and as this will be your daily companion for the next few years, I would definitely recommend a well structured good quality bag.