Chivas And Savile Row Bespoke Celebrate Partnership

There are two things that some of us English gents adore, and that is a finely tailored suit and a luxurious tasting scotch. So you can image the delight from many of us MFM gents when we heard of the partnership between luxury scotch company Chivas and the Savile Row Bespoke Association. They have come together as partners to continue the support and celebrate heritage, modern craftsmanship and style; three things us MFM gents live our lives by.

Both Savile Row and Chivas share values and skills that continue to increase in strength and pride unbroken for over two centuries, whilst representing contemporary symbols of discernment, quality and luxury. Chivas’ heritage dates back to 1801, when the Chivas Brothers founded a luxury grocery store, from which they pioneered the craft of creating the world’s most coveted, smooth and rich blended whiskies. In a similar way the Savile Row tailors have helped to establish London as the world capital of masculine style for over two centuries, with thanks to their unique and time-honoured skills. The Savile Row Bespoke Association was launched in 2004 with the intention of protecting the art of bespoke tailoring whilst developing the beautiful artisan craft of the tailors who create these masterful designs for our wearing pleasure.

To celebrate this partnership an event was held on the 10th of October at the Sartoria in London, and it was a satorial storm of success and style. Dapper guests at the party included David Gandy, George Lamb, Patrick Grant, Jack Guniess and Henry Conway amongst many other stylish people. The launch marks the start of an exciting new chapter for Chivas and Savile Row Bespoke Association as ‘Partners in Style’ as they continue to support and celebrate heritage, modern craftsmanship and style with a series of events, activities and short films developed for the discerning modern gentleman. Starting with the release of the first film in the series which was released on 8th October (seen in this article), the creative collaboration between Chivas and Savile Row Bespoke will inspire appreciation for the art and heritage of tailoring and the importance of style across the UK.

For more information on Chivas you can go to their official website HERE, or if you want to find out more about The Savile Row Bespoke Association then you can find their official website HERE.