Chinos have become a staple in men’s wardrobes for good reasons. Their versatility, comfort, and timeless style make them a go-to choice for various occasions, seamlessly transitioning from casual to smart-casual looks. Chinos are among men’s most practical and versatile trousers, much like denim jeans. However, not all chinos are created equal. Finding the perfect pair can be challenging with a wide range of styles and colours available from both budget and luxury brands, as chinos combine dress trousers’ intelligent look with cotton twill’s casual comfort. Their rugged durability has only improved over time, but they are crafted in various cuts and versatile fabrics ideal for urban adventures or dress-code events. Opt for mid-weight cotton chinos that resemble suit trousers for more formal occasions, and look for pairs that sit comfortably on the hip without bunching and have a similar rise and length in the leg as dress trousers with a tapered ankle.

Chinos are a top choice for men due to their unmatched versatility. They can be effortlessly dressed up or down, making them suitable for a wide range of occasions, from work to social events to casual outings. Their clean lines and structured fit provide a polished look that has stood the test of time. Available in a plethora of colours, from classic khaki and navy to bold hues like red and green, chinos offer endless styling possibilities. This adaptability ensures that chinos remain a constant in men’s fashion, regardless of changing trends, making them a reliable and versatile addition to any wardrobe.

For a smart-casual look with chinos, consider these styling tips: Pair them with a casual shirt, such as  a linen button-down, a classic chambray shirt, or even a denim shirt. These shirts add texture and depth to your outfit without overpowering it. Opt for patterns and stripes, but keep the colours muted to maintain a cohesive look. Add a blazer to elevate your chinos, such as a navy or black blazer that works well with beige, tan or white chinos. This combination is perfect for business-casual settings or a night out. However, ensure your t-shirt or shirt underneath is a primary colour to avoid clashing, and you’ll have a stylish and versatile chino outfit ready for any occasion.

The Classic Look: Still, nothing says ‘classic’ like neutrals, white cream, and ecru; these colours are great for the summer. Navy and grey chinos are perfect for formal and casual events, while on-trend colours like marsala or dark red add a fashionable touch. For an earthy vibe, consider shades like forest green, rocky charcoal, or taupe sand for nighttime wear. The most timeless and accessible look to achieve is the chinos and t-shirt combination; you can choose any colour of chinos and pair them literally with any colour, pattern or style, and finish off the look with white sneakers for an effortless, summer-ready outfit. A linen button-down or a classic chambray shirt will complement your chinos perfectly; patterns and stripes are welcome, but avoid going overboard with colour. 

Chinos & A Blaze: Pair chinos with a t-shirt and blazer for a quick and stylish outfit. Neutral, khaki and tan chinos with a black blazer are popular; stick to basic coloured T-shirts or a casual shirt for a finished casual style. Lastly, opt for a trench coat with your chinos if it’s wet; it’s an intelligent choice that will keep you dry and warm, and the combination of the two is perfect. Layer a light sweater underneath to ensure you stay comfortable. 

When it comes to footwear, most shoes pair well with chinos. A clean white sneaker or canvas leather, chukka, or suede boots also work well—try brown boots with light khaki chinos or black boots with black chinos. Dress shoes can be more challenging, but polished brown leather brogues or loafers (worn without socks) can look perfect, provided your chinos are the right length; clean white leather sneakers or canvas shoes are excellent for a casual vibe. 

​​Crafted from robust, heavyweight fabrics, industrial chinos offer a distinctively different fit and feel than their more affordable counterparts. Drawing a parallel with denim jeans, these chinos boast a relaxed silhouette, evoking a rugged, ‘vintage Americana’ vibe. They pair seamlessly with textured, durable garments, such as chambray shirts, denim jackets, flannel plaids, or the latest trend of shirts. Jackets, affectionately termed ‘shackets’.