CHARLES TYRWHITT | Dressing for the season is back to work essentials

Diving into the realm of wool: Embracing autumn’s signature fabric, so as the seasons gracefully shift and the air turns crisper, it’s time for the stylish guys to seamlessly transition from summer’s light ensembles to the embrace of autumn layers. The hero of this wardrobe metamorphosis? None other than the luxurious merino wool, a fabric that epitomises comfort, versatility, and unmatched elegance.

Merino wool, celebrated for its unparalleled softness and fineness, becomes the ultimate choice for the discerning man as its exquisite quality allows it to be worn effortlessly on its own, sans any itchy discomfort, or as a refined outer jumper. But what truly sets it apart is its adaptability; it’s a travel companion par excellence. With its breathability, insulating properties, and resistance to wrinkling, merino wool becomes the sartorial answer to wanderlust, gracing every journey with a touch of sophistication.

Imagine the ideal piece of clothing that effortlessly bridges the gap between loungewear, office attire, and weekend companionship, with the bonus of withstanding the test of time. This is where the wool sweater takes centre stage, a steadfast staple in men’s fashion. The game has evolved this year, introducing the merino wool V-neck zipped jumper that redefines wool’s boundaries. As we delve into the autumn fashion landscape, we explore dressing for the season and holiday travel and the evolution of the wool sweater itself. In fashion, merino wool products have reached new heights of excellence; they are softer, firmer, and more durable than ever before, and the merino wool jumper stands as a shining testament to this unrivalled wearability. Its sumptuous softness, elasticity, and breathability create a look that seamlessly blends casual sophistication with timeless style. The latest collection from Charles Tyrwhitt boasts luxury knitwear, is the ‘back to work essentials’, pure Woolmark merino wool, garment washed for a softer finish meticulously designed to prioritise both comfort and performance and autumn’s quintessential look.

Chinos unveiled: The evolution of effortless style: Imagine a man who ‘lives in his chinos’—perhaps conjuring an image of polo shirts with popped collars and boat shoes. While that classic style endures, a new wave of men has emerged, infusing chinos with a cooler, more contemporary allure. Meet the monochromatic set, individuals who have transformed chinos from a mere wardrobe staple to a canvas of effortless sophistication. This middle ground between jeans’ casual charm and suit trousers’ formality strikes the perfect balance.

Charles Tyrwhitt’s best-selling chinos, the ultimate non-iron chinos, have captured our attention for good reason. They are available in a classic or slim-fit, non-iron, and, best of all, have stain-repellent properties; we mean, all these drops of wine, food and not least of all, kids, this is a chino dream, guys! A blend of cotton and elastane grants freedom of movement and comfort. The versatility of chinos solidifies their position as a menswear mainstay, gracefully transitioning from office corridors to casual lunches and everything in between. Even better, the jumpers and chinos have so many colours to choose from.

We found them versatile enough to wear to smarter functions and to trips down the pub with our mates. The best way to choose your new chinos is by selecting a fit and brand that works for you, and if you want to look like you just aced a master class in wearing colour, too, use the tone of your chinos to establish the palette for your whole look—whether they’re the colour of camel or a deep indigo blue, mix and match with the merino wool jumper, but, keep things simple, young, and modern.  

In other words, have fun with  CHARLES TYRWHITT