The Henley weave shirt made in the dobby weave…

Aha, we know, you’re all asking what is the dobby weave? Let us tell you.

The dobby weave was actually first developed in way back in1840, and was woven on a loom, needing  special type of piece of equipment that is attached to the loom called a ‘Dobby’ and with this it allows the weave to produce small geometric prints to be actually woven into the fabric. Manipulation is done by warp yarns in the fabric and can actually create different patterns. And can also produce fabrics in different weights.

A few bonus points with the dobby weave, it’s that its main weave is a small geometric pattern and that makes it more textured than plain woven fabric. It’s flexible, versatile, has a good drape, slight stretch and is resistant to creasing. The fabric weave will have a more slightly raised with the dobby weave, usually with very fine yarns giving you a great choice for texture, especially if you’re looking for a classic dress shirt. 

So, the newest shirt to grace us from Charles Tyrwhitt is the dobby-textured Henley weave, named after the Royal Regatta. This is an amazing shirt that can let you have a whole lot of versatility. Made from 100% cotton, non iron and that’s always a bonus coming with a natural stretch, classic slim fit, with back pleats or if you go extra slim it has back darts, piping trim, miters single cuff with two tonal buttons.

Every guy needs a stable of decent shirts, let’s be honest. And with so many options that can be a problem, but these shirts have key details that set them apart. Look for the signature details that set these Henley weave shirts apart, a cutaway collar with complimentary brass collar stays that give the shirt a truly modern touch. Designed in three fits and you won’t find this dobby weave anywhere else, and coming in 10 designs, checks, classic blue and fresh pastels, you need these in your wardrobe right now.

Why is this shirt a winner, this is a straight-to-the-point great looking shirt, and has the versatility you won’t believe. Wear it with your sharpest notch-lapel suit in a solid colour, or subtle pinstripes and this shirt for dipping your toes ino air-tie territories, just remember to button the shirt all the way up, for a crisp sharp look. Days off? Go with sharp indigo jeans and a crewneck sweater, throw on your best leather lace up shoes or boots and a crombie thrown over to finish the look.