This is the only shirt you’ll need from now ‘til Christmas

Ever get that feeling you just want more from your shirts? Ever felt you just need to wear something a little different? That’s usually when you shop for a shirt and then walk out with another version of the shirt you buy all the time, whether it’s white kicks, blue jeans or checked shirts.

This summer, make finding your perfect version of  this hot-right-now check shirt your mission and this Charles Tyrwhitt olive green check shirt will kick your night-out wardrobe to high gear, making you look a little bit, and not just another dude at the bar. Every man needs a plaid shirt that can be comfortable to wear around the house, but equally better when you want to look good on your way out. 

So when it comes to checked or tartan if you prefer shirts, it doesn’t get more iconic than Charles Tyrwhiit, which has a great selection from their AW22 collection, and we wouldn’t count this shirt as a favourite if wasn’t for the impeccable finish, it’s a slim fit, feels great and comes in the kind of strong colours that we like, grey, pink, blue and purple checks, basically you might as well buy them all, as if you’re wearing the right size and colours that suit you, you cannot go wrong by adding at least one of these shirts to your wardrobe.

We’ve chosen the olive green button down collar non-iron twill check shirt: A great 100% cotton twill weave  non-iron shirt made with a clever tech that’s behind the crease-resistant fabric, and, that will not only make you look your best all day, but feel great, and the garment washed finish gives the shirt a superior softness and reliable comfort.

This shirt can look great as a middle layer between your favourite tee and a denim jacket, on its own with dark selvedge jeans or better still with beige chinos for a night out or a jar in the bar. Weekends are the best days for that rugged look, wear over skinny jeans, over a tee, or just buttoned up and loose. For a way to do the check shirt with a slightly more high-gloss, urbane finish, reach for styles in strong colours, this olive green, purple or grey, as it will give off the vibe like a man in charge. Dress it up for more formal occasions, as this slim-fit shirt with tailored trousers, a plain tie can make you stand out from the crowd.

The problem with wearing a check shirt is that if you don’t style it properly it can look a little college bro, so don’t wear one in a preppy hue, it’s not that not unstylish per se, but you don’t want to come across as not Buy Online: CHARLES TYRWHITT