Champion – Bookstore Capsule

Champion is one of those brands that you always remember, but maybe don’t know why. They have been around for years around 1919 when the company that came to be known as “Champion’ was established by  the Feinbloom brothers. They produced sportswear, as in sweatshirts and sweatpants all in the highest of quality, tapping into the American sports, where their goal was to manufacture them as high quality sportswear, and in the 1930’s Champion was the brand for college book stores across America, initially for protection against the cold for outdoor workers.

With their goal to manufacture sweatshirts and sweatpants as high quality sportswear, it held a wide democratic appeal back in the ‘90s when Champion was actually chosen as the official supplier for all 27 teams of the NBA, and their reputation was one to be rivalled. It then became the go-to uniform for preps, from thereon it was the most staple brand for the wholesale school labelled sweatshirts and sweatpants.

The signature red, white and blue ‘C’ is not only a symbol of quality and authenticity, it’s become more than that, a symbol of Champion, innovation and reliability, that after experiencing its heyday and its fall, has made it’s big come back, stepping into the spotlight again, where not only are celebrities and the media play a big part in their popularity, the brand has come back in a major style, making it the brand to be seen in right now. Collaborations with big streetwear brands have in turn highlighted Champions versatility and they have never lost that signature ‘C’ logo.

Collegiate-inspired clothing are a rich source of inspiration for menswear, and no one wants to look like they just stepped out of a frat house, so now Champion has launched  their new SS23 collection, and part of this being that they have reinterpret some of their very much iconic clothing for a small collegiate-inspired “BOOKSTORE capsule, and this capsule has taken its inspiration from its heritage as college outfitters. This in turn has given the SS23 a very modern twist, with the patriotic American red, white and blue palette that injects a varsity look into this small hugely popular collection taken from their archives, with t-shirts, cardigans, hoodies, sweats, joggers and more. 

The multicolor bookstore cardigan, brings to you a brand new twist to its classic style inspired by their collegiate roots with a finely embroidered branding, overlapping lettering giving a very nice 3d effect. Wear it with modern basics and in strong neutral shaded it’s a heritage look that doesn’t make you look as if you’re loving in the past. Follow on with the multicolour bookstore French terry hoodie coming in a soft warm textured fabric, that gets in in this comfiest hoodie, and being topped off by the collegiate- inspired C’ branding across the chest. Lastly the multicolour bookstore hooded jacket, better known as the varsity jacket or  the letterman jacket, the 90s-style jacket comes in the traditionally vibrant colour taking the preppy silhouette in an edgier direction, maybe even working a bad-boy vibe, and so no matter where you sit in the cafeteria, this jacket is now up for grabs by all who desire it.

Get into the retro trend to millennials relishing ’90s nostalgia, Champion is all the rage right now, and you had better hurry if you want something from the SS23 collection as it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Buy online: CHAMPION