CBD meets Ethical

Millions of people in the UK are now using some sort of CBD oil, the limits of this up and coming product are endless. The founder of EthicaCBD has experienced first hand the benefits of CBD whilst struggling with the condition Ankylosing Spondylitis, although he became increasingly frustrated with the quality of CBD available, this is where he was inspired to create a CBD product that would not only benefit him but millions of others…this is when the seed of EthicaCBD was planted.

From there EthicaCBD went on to develop a CBD that uses ethical and sustainable practices from growth to end product. The hemp is carefully cultivated from a UK family farm which is grown without pesticides and herbicides, produced ethically and sustainably, and robustly tested in the world’s best laboratories completely cruelty-free, to provide the very best plant-based care. 

The purified whole plant extract preserves all the beneficial components such as phytocannabinoids, terpenes, omegas, and many others throughout the manufacturing process. EthicaCBD is committed to supporting your mental and physical well being with natural ways to help you feel your best. EthicaCBD has lovingly and passionately created a previously unachieved natural purity for everyone to enjoy. Can it get any better?

Yes! Their attention to detail has meant that even their packaging is as eco-friendly as it can be but they are continuously looking at new ways to improve and strive for better for the good of the planet. The pocket-size bottles are available in a dropper or spray, perfect for on the go applications. Simply apply the extract under your tongue, leave it undisturbed for at least two minutes to achieve the best results. EthicaCBD has a unique taste, so you can fully appreciate the flavour while maximising the benefits. 

Discover more from EthicaCBD today: https://ethicacbd.com