CAT FOOTWEAR: If you don’t want to be stomping around in a pair of ugly boots you’ve come to the right place

A great pair of boots are always your best bet, for wherever you may be walking or travelling, especially in England, where we tend to have four seasons in one day, so you need to always be prepared. But also you need a pair of boots that have that much advanced edge that’ll let you stand out from the crowd, combined with a streetwear styling and credentials with a celebration of CAT footwear’s workwear DNA of a chunky boot, making them easy to wear for off-road-hiking, wearing casually or even dressed up.

Cat boots have always been the best bet for being great all-rounders and feature the signature caterpillar ingenuity and design philosophy present in all Cat footwear. So the SS22 Intruder range comes as no surprise from the Cat RePowered collection. 

We can’t help remembering that CAT Footwear with the current trend for chunky boots, has been attributed to something they were doing way back in the 90’s. So with that in mind CAT has brought the Intruder back.

This is apparent in the full fresh take for the summer range with the iconic ‘Intruder’ and ‘Intruder Mid’, with streamlined design details.Thick outsoles, lugged detailing to match blocked upper and midsole, a key feature of the original silhouette and dad trainer. Refined and simplified these styles hold supercharged detailing of Cats delineation of hardwear at the forefront.

The additional ‘Intruder Galosh’ all weather-stomping, dry-feet, swaggy rain boot, an exaggerated version comes with bold rubber layers that offer practicality in a hybrid street/performance trainer. These boots carry an incredible amount of responsibility, and will keep you undoubtedly from slipping with their sport nubuck and rubber outsoles that will add durability,and with a lightweight midsole and soft footbed for comfort. No point having all that waterproofing if you’re going to slip on your backside.

The SS22 intruder  boots come in varying colours for you to choose from and mid length to ankle length and all boots are unisex. Bold. Nostalgic. Authentic. It’s truly a lot to ask of one pair of boots.

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