Yes you can. 

We’re ready for the impending freezing cold weather, and although it may be cold, it’s also going to be wet. With that in mind, you have a choice of many coats, but think about having a parka. These coats may have been built for arctic survival but nowadays, the heavy-duty parkas have become one of the most popular staple coats on the streets. Basically you need one.

So we’re talking about layering up, insulation, waterproof, warm and good looking, something not overly indulgent but pragmatic. The best thing a guy can have in his wardrobe is a fur trimmed or just a plain hood if you’re fussed about a little fur, the humble parka. Practical, fashionable and steeped in history and legend.

The parka is probably more famous in recent years since Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher started wearing it. There is no doubt that he is the style icon of the parka, back in the 1990s when he started wearing the parka and his signature round John-Lennon glasses, and the infamous bucket hat. And unlike other famous guys of the stage, he has never lost that following or gone stale. Indeed, to this day he still wears his parka and shades ,rarely seen without them, he never looks desperate or cloning to the past, but looking pretty well godlike. In 2009 Liam Gallagher launched his clothing line Pretty Green, and to coincide with his new launch, a video for the Beady Eye’s Man of Misery was also released, and with that came the great apparel that LG had to offer, including the unmissable parkas. 

So, let’s talk about wearing this infamous coat. Even though the parka is a long coat, the ideal length of a parka shouldn’t fall below your knees, as it will put too much emphasis on the top half of your body and make it look too heavy, but also a parka would never be short, so keep it cropped at the hip.The parka coat will give you all the flexibility to matching and pairing outfit, because they don’t have to many strict rules to follow, as the overall structure of the coat is less sophisticated than most other outerwear like a suit or blazer. Commonly made with full front zip it will always provide extra room allowing you to layer up.

You can wear your parka with your slimmest, sharpest suit, but remember the clash is exactly what makes this move fresh. But make sure that you square away from the fit. If your suit jacket or any jacket hangs below the hem of your parka you’ve either got the wrong size parka or suit, or both heaven help us! 

Cut to the winter of 2022 and this weatherproof coat style is just as deserving in a place in your wardrobe as ever.