CAMOKAZI: The most ‘badass’ leather jacket you can own

Thinking of buying a leather jacket? Just sometimes you need to own something that is grail-worthy. The most baller leather jackets that money can buy, and we found them with Camokazi. And these jackets are not only beautifully made, but potentially they will last a lifetime, so they can be handed down to the next generation and still look more than amazingly good.

We’re looking at aviation or flying inspired jackets, as in WWII they were worn by the most popular badass pilots, and now the deep military roots have given these coats a modern day overhaul.

The Vulcan II black leather flying jacket:

Just leave the distressed leather jackets to Harrison Ford when he’s playing Indiana Jones, And be more like the stylish man you want to portray in this premium handcrafted in full grain, soft cowhide leather, this quality smooth leather adds great durability to any environment conditions. 

You will want a jacket that will last for years to come and fulfil its obligations of being able to endure harsh environmental conditions. And if you are looking for a headturner to wear in the winter-to-spring months, then this jacket is the one for you, and for years to come it will still look good hanging in your wardrobe.

Because they are designed with warmth in mind, a warm shearling collar will wrap around your neck, and will give you that “ yes that’s better feeling” that these jackets are famous for, making you feel a whole like a new man – and with red quilting interior you won’t freeze to death in colder days. In the process, making this leather jacket not an accessory but a statement or a lifestyle piece.

With external zipped pockets, on the front and one on the sleeve, internal zipped pocket and one for your phone, front full zipper, and the characterised ribbed elastic cuffs and waistband, giving you a real sense of luxury. Just remember that this jacket or in fact any of Camokazi leather jackets can be worn casually or dressed over business attire equally well.

Whatever your thoughts on splurging, take a guided tour of the most luxurious, drool-inducing leather jackets known to man, But no pressure. Simply consider Camokazi showing you some harmless window shopping. And if you want to see the rest of the collections of leather jackets and are thinking of buying, treat them as an investment piece. Look around, Take your time.

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