Buy a Quality Watch with These Five Tips

Some people have to go through unpleasant experiences so that others do not. Out of these experiences, some of the worst ones are when your money is at stake or when someone bluffs you for your money. Men often find themselves bluffed when they are out on the hunt to buy a new watch. Below we are sharing some helpful tips to keep in mind whenever you are buying yourself a new watch.

Like anything else that a man wears, a wristwatch reflects a sign of taste – it can say a lot about you.

It is not difficult to buy a quality watch at an affordable price, especially when we are helping you out with that. Whether you are looking for a timepiece specifically for telling time, as a fashion accessory, or just something that you could pass on to your grandkids, our tips will help you determine the right time telling machine to purchase at a fair price.

  1. Research and learn on masterpiece watch styles

If you think buying the right timepiece is as easy as stepping into the market, then you are wrong. To your surprise, there is a whole science behind it called horology – the science of making timepieces. For hundreds of years, manufacturers have been refining their craft to produce intricate pieces sturdy enough to outlive their buyer.

To educate yourself, you do not have to get enrolled in a course or at any institute. The internet is your best friend. There are several forums and blogs by watch enthusiasts on commercially available watches. There are websites where you can subscribe to get updates on new models and designs. They can even give you an alert or notification whenever there is a watch sale happening on your favorite brand. Walk around your neighborhood and talk to a local watchmaker – the salesperson is a storehouse of knowledge and will be happy to recommend you watches that fit your style.

  1. Educate yourself on the true value of a watch

Much like everything else you buy, the price is one of the primary factors that either pushes you toward buying that undeniably good timepiece or takes you further away. However, before you bring your bargaining skills into use, it is important to understand the true value of a watch. We are giving you a basic formula to assess the value of a watch:

(Number of time you will use it * the priceless feeling associated with wearing it) / The price of the watch

Quality has its price and so does the label imprinted on your watch. There are certain buying decisions where you often have to overlook the pricing factor, and buying a wristwatch is among those. Fake or cheap watches may be pocket-friendly but you will eventually take them for granted.

  1. Watches & buyer protection

One has to be overly careful when buying a watch online. Look out for the company’s reputation and their customer base.  If the company is relatively new, read their reviews on social media and see how they engage with their customers. A confident manufacturer will offer a free exchange for watches that were damaged during shipping or with manufacturing defects.

Buying from a certified dealer or the manufacturer itself will get you standard issue warranties covering repairs. If you are spending as much as $500 on a watch, make sure that it demonstrates quality and offers durability. You will get many forged pieces in the watch industry. Thus, it is always safe to buy your watch from an authorised retailer or jeweller.

  1. The economics of watch pricing

Watches are categorized grade-wise, which includes the amount of labor involved, quality of materials used, and artisanship.

Timepieces under $250 – consumer watches:

You can wear these watches to match with an outfit. Although you would not get a luxury piece under this range, you can still find a great deal and a good quality watch that may last up to years. On the other hand, you will not feel bad either if they impair after a couple of years.

Under $1000 – brand and enthusiast watch:

Men with disposable incomes can buy their first fashion statement watch under this price range. This range has the widest variety of different quality watches. If you are buying a wristwatch for the first time, we will advise you not to go for this kind. You will want to test a few watch styles before making your first big purchase to make sure it’s worth your money. A wristwatch at this level could be your gateway to the next price point.

$1000 – $10,000 – luxury watches:

You will find the most luxurious watches here. Luxury watches may not be for everyone and are exclusively catered to those who have the buying power. Once you start buying watches priced at this range, you are expected to know about watches more than 99% of men.

Over $10,000 – ultra luxury watches

At this level, diamonds, gold, and other jewels will accompany your wristwatch. These watches are generally not available for public display or sale. These ultra-luxury watches are made for selected clientele and carry rich artisanship and exquisite quality.

  1. Only buy and wear what you can enjoy

Watches become an integral part of your personality once you start wearing them. People start identifying you with the kind of watches you wear. A wristwatch expresses your individuality. Make sure you buy something that you enjoy wearing and can pull off easily.

It doesn’t matter if you spent a large amount of money on your watch if you don’t enjoy it. A wristwatch is on a constant display – thus you should be the one to buy it yourself to match with your personality.

A high quality watch with proper care can last a long time. These are considered special gifts which one can give or receive on achieving milestones such as when one graduates or is offered a job.

Watches are not just time telling machines – they’re your fashion statement.