Butter Goods 2014 Fall/Winter Lookbook

In the fashion world, lookbooks are a teaser of what is to come. They are the thing that tugs our attention and suggests visually what the collection will be looking at. Butter Goods, the skater-owned and operated company, has launched their lookbook for their Fall/Winter collection.

The lookbook centres around a night time group of skaters, who cruise an arena lit by street lamps. It’s all about being casual and this is incorporated into what they wear. With block colours mixed with patterns, caps and tees, the look has a relaxed feel. Fashion is absorbed around something that tugs their interest – skating.

butter goods 1

The fall/winter seasons are shown within the use of jackets. These, once again, expand on the casual feel, they are simply thrown on and become a part of their look. The collection appears to be addressing the fall/winter seasons in a dubious manner, perhaps discussing the fact that within such a world as skate boarding – among the city lights and cold weather – to wrap up simply doesn’t fit the image.

Fashion is a form of expression and to dress almost against the season is bold. A bold approach that is transformed within the conventions of, say, perhaps summer. But it is the circling nature of the city, it is the environment that feeds into these choices.

butter goods-2

Skating and urban looks are becoming more and more popular within today’s fashion world and to flip it against the season is another avenue to which it shall take. Butter Goods has done this in a manner that focuses on a casual way of dressing.

butter goods 3

Lookbooks are a teaser. They are something to wetten our appetite. They are forms to which we become excited and with Butter Goods latest lookbook, we are just that.