Burberry’s New Shanghai Flagship Store

Blurring “physical and digital” is Burberry’s premise behind their new Shanghai Flagship store. Burberry have said that they want their customers to have a “multi-sensory” experience within the new store.  This will, of course, be merged with a fashion emphasis.

flagship 1

The flagship store has been described as “part event space, part entertainment hub and part store.” All of the roles of a typical fashion store have been kept in check but twisted to suit Burberry’s desire to excite, illuminate and surprise their customers.

One of the main things to note about the new store is that it reacts to changes in natural light. The building itself is ever changing and has a interesting relation, therefore, to fashion that is, of course, changing. There’s almost an evolution to this new store, much like the fashion world to which it belongs.

The digital emphasis continues as inside radio-frequency identification technology is incorporated. With this, it produces multimedia content onto mirrors, exposing runway footage and product videos to not only show their customers what else they have to offer but to be proud of their company, their heritage and continuum.

flagship 2

The digital aspect doesn’t stop there and includes mobile checkouts in which the workers in the building can connect with their customers on a newer level. This is a much more personal way of shopping, as these checkouts will contain customer’s histories and preferences. To go to the new Shanghai store is to be welcomed back. Within digital and physical, we also have personal. You are remembered in this store which is moving with the age of technology and the times in which we live.

flagship 3

To experience a store is rare commodity and something we need to embrace. The Burberry Shanghai store is this embrace that we acknowledge and value. There’s only one conclusion to make – see you there, gents!