Burberry Expands Regent Street Store

Of all of the stores that take up residence on London’s Regent Street, the flagship Burberry store is definitely one of the most impressive.  Already an incredible space, the store now has new features that really make it stand out as a superb shopping destination.

burberry 22

The two new developments to the store include an all day café and an exclusive area dedicated to gifting. The gifting area houses a seasonally updated collection of gifts with a great range of lifestyle pieces including throws, blankets, playing cards, diaries and passport holders. (Yes, Burberry even have their own range of playing cards).

These gifts can all be personalised with embroidery and leather embossing, by specialists based in the store. To make the shopping experience as comfortable and easy as possible for customers, gifts can be wrapped at stations over the store.

burberry 33

If you are the sort of shopper that enjoys coffee and a sit down as opposed to walking around laden with hangers, you will be overjoyed with Thomas’s. Taking the customer satisfaction to a whole new level, the all day café offers a menu of British classics – everything from afternoon tea to lobster and chips, every day of the week.

Focusing on British classics, just like Burberry itself, the café offers the finest seasonal produce from small farmers and artisan suppliers from around the country.

burberry 44

Since its establishment in 1856, Burberry has striven to set themselves apart as unique from the rest of the British brands out there. Moves such as these two new recent developments are proof of just how good they are at doing that. Visit the store at 121 Regent Street, London.