Suit up.

You don’t have to wear a blue or black suit all the time. Surprisingly, there is another option that will give you that pretty cool winter overtone. Yup, brown.

We know that blue and black look fantastic, and sure they are the natural choice for daytime events,  but they really shouldn’t be your only style move. So here at MFM we’re really into brown suits, jackets or whatever you like, and after a pretty long time of taking the backseat to the tailoring triumvirate of blue, black and grey. And the rich colours of browns feel modern all over again.

Now you don’t need to go and rebuild your wardrobe around colours that accentuate your eye colour, that would be pretty stupid, but it helps to know these things when you may, just go out and buy yourself and decent brown suit. Brown comes in some great shades, walnut, terracotta, light brown, dark brown and orange-leaning shades. So what is it that we think makes brown a little bit more special? This rich versatile colour helps to bring out and enrich other colours, and given its neutral underpinnings it will go with almost every other colour.

To some a brown suit is lumped in the same category as fedora’s and suspenders, but brown suits most definitely deserve a spot in your regular rotation as long as you’re styling them correctly. However, that’s the case for any suit you choose to wear and you’re not going to look good unless you nail the fit and style right, like you just didn’t realise that brown is a great colour.

Rid yourself of the idea that brown suits are too retro, or even making you like middle management, it is a youthful colour and worn with the right accessories it’s perfect for chilly autumn.  So now with the notion of yesteryear, that you should only wear a brown suit for less formal occasions now discarded, a well fitted brown suit will certainly indicate that you are legit, plenty of swagger and who wouldn’t want that, were to assure you that it’s a good move.