Summer has begun, the weather is hotting up, and parties are starting, hopefully in the gardens.

And there’s still plenty of time to get yourself together fashion wise, be prepared guys and get you your wardrobe in place. Ready for that summer of party fun. So good things will come your way between now and when autumn comes.

So think casually if you’re going to a pool party in a garden somewhere, chilling around the pool is where things get interesting as these kinds of parties is where you can upgrade your pool party clothes. Go wild, but not too much, light weight, bright pastel colours will shine, shirts, trousers and shoes, but beware it’s all about being a little bit conservative and not like you’re having a Hawaiian holiday. So think of wearing linen trousers or dressy shorts in ecru, beige, khaki, navy, grey and chocolate.

Pair these colours and either trousers or shorts with a smart short sleeve polo shirt, a crisp white linen or cotton shirt, go long sleeved if you feel it’s more appropriate, and roll the sleeves if you want. Add a blazer, but make it lightweight, and maybe even some pastel colours wouldn’t go amiss. Thinking of shoes, go for Birkenstock sandals, or Roman sandals or leather shoes. Alternatively go for the summer shoe that’s an Italian favourite, the luxe-loafer.

A formal garden party should require smart white trousers, a crisp classy and maybe a decent sweater thrown around your neck and if the day is cooler try a blazer if it looks like the weather is rubbish and cooler. Try wearing a hat, like a panama in straw or a stetson if you want to be a little bolder. You can always add some really tasteful jewellery, a standout chrome watch, gold bracelet or even, go on, spend out on some decent sunglasses. 

Don’t forget to check with the hosts exactly what the dress-code is because don’t let summer’s most pretentious and coolest looks pass you by.