Brand Watch: Country Attire

As a fashion obsessive on all levels, I adore discovering new brands and online retailers that appeal to the heritage obsessed side of my fashionable psyche. But when I find a website that encompasses a style I have a particularly passionate affinity with, I almost feel guilty for not having discovered it sooner.

country 001

Great style, and expertly selected clothing and brands must be shared with the world for no other reason than to generate a shared appreciation for expert craftsmanship and design. Country Attire is a wonderful collection of British style with fine brands that offer something in the lines of a beautiful heritage and contemporary aesthetic.

British Pedigree & Pride

It all began in 1822, with the birth of Country Attire co-founder Jenny’s great, great, Grandfather John Cheetham. Initially, he was a grocer by trade who had a secret passion for hats. Over a period of many years, his grocery business took off and due to this success John was able to realise his dream and set of a hatting business in 1870. It was a factory and retail emporium in Hyde, Greater Manchester that just happened to become very successful.

country 002

Business boomed and he soon had a team of over 50 people that were crafting top hats, bowlers and flat caps that were sold all over the British Empire. Over the years, and generations, things have evolved and luxury merchandise lives on in the form of textiles, design, dressmaking and even attire for equines. The passion and drive still remains and a truly great fashion business was built, so that everyone can enjoy the quality products supplied by Country Attire.

Modern Country Style

With today’s world of social media and passion for everything e-commerce, Country Attire is able to bring style and substance in the form of British style to customers all around the world. They no longer craft their own products instead they have a team of highly talented people who source the very best products and styles that are the quintessential essence of British heritage and pedigree. The luxury and quality of their product range is a hybrid of beautifully crafted heritage pieces along with forward think and contemporary designs that will become the classic go to pieces for men everywhere.

country 003

When you look for an online retailer you can trust, you want to have faith in their judgement of quality goods because with the internet you don’t get to see the product as close up as you normal would in a store. Country Attire considers quality to be one of their main focuses and enforce the idea that every single item they source embodies the quintessentially British values of quality, practicality and longevity.

country 004

Initially I was hesitant to put my faith in a brand that dictates values like many other bands do but fail to follow through with, yet Country Attire go above and beyond to make sure that your shopping experience is as smooth and enjoyable as is fashionably possible. One thing that gave them bonus points was that they offer free UK and international delivery so all you have to pay for is the products you purchase. So wherever you are in the world you have access to their fine array of beautiful products, also if you don’t like a product, delivery and returns are free within the UK too.

country 005

Another nice perk of shopping with Country Attire is that they sometimes give away items for free. When you purchase key pieces such as a wax jacket and wellington boots, Country Attire will through in items from socks to scarves and even on occasion a trusty umbrella. According to their website, they love to indulge their customers.

Top Quality Products

So now you are going to see some of the best products Country Attire have to offer, we have literally scoured through every single menswear item to find you the ones that are on trend, stylish and basically because we think you deserve it. Looking at these items had a strange effect on our wallets too, they beginning opening on their own and somehow becoming lighter. Some of these luxurious items are even on sale which means you can by more, obviously.

golden khaki jacketclassic duffle coatmens leader jacket

mens storm sweatermens grain shawlhalf button sweater

black check waistcoatsupporting waistcoatmens navy musto

nice pleat trousersmens denim trousersmens holland esquire

Shoes & Accessories

An outfit is never fully realised without the addition of some wonderfully crafted, high quality luxurious shoes and accessories. This is also something the folks at Country Attire have an excellent eye for, and credit must be given for their fine array of saliva inducing items. Check these additional products and we dare you to try to restrain yourselves.

black oxford shoesrogue black bootswindsor alfred

barbour cotton bagnavy leather satchelportmore tweed

tweed flat capbrown mix caplining flat cap

royal stewart scarffine merino scarfroyal cashmere scarf

In Conclusion

As you can see the selection of products is fantastic, even we had a hard time narrowing down our choices to put on full display for you. The eye for detail is clearly well trained, and the skills for selecting styles and brands is perfection. If like me and many of the folks here at MFM, you love a good bit if English heritage then we suggest you absorb yourself in the website and its products.