Brand Watch: Coach

There are many factors that go into making decisions when purchasing a new piece to sit proudly amongst our current choices of menswear. We always look for style, and we always look for quality. This is what we would call fashion common sense, and this is normally ingrained in even the most frivolous of fashionable gents. But when it comes to our menswear pieces and accessories, there are many of us who have a few heartstrings attached to tradition and heritage.

coach 12

Brands with a story are something many of us fall for, because it offers us faith in the quality and puts extra faith in the products we purchase. Coach is one such brand that has thrived off many years of learning about what its customer wants, and how to offer the very best in quality. The nurturing of the Coach brand has given the company the ability to offer a sense of pride with each product sold, purchased and lovingly owned.


It was around the late 30’s and 40’s when New York City was beginning to emerge as a fashion capital, and it was in 1941 when Coach was founded in a Manhattan loft. Would you believe that inspiration came from a new form of leather that was taken from the supple feel of a worn baseball glove known as glove tanned cowhide? It wasn’t until nine years later that the iconic logo we all know as a horse and carriage appeared and remains the brands infamous calling card.

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The brand itself is iconic in its own right, but when the way they create pieces becomes iconic you can expect certain pieces from the brand to become iconic as well. The DUFFLE SAC was introduced in 1973 and is one of those aforementioned pieces that are still coveted today.  It wasn’t until the early 90’s when new lines and exciting ventures were launched. It was 1992 that saw the launch of Coach’s first range of outerwear, which was soon followed in 1998 and 1999 with watches and footwear too. We have also seen them launch optical wear, special luxurious collection pieces and even fragrances. So in its 73rd year of business there is no underestimation of how this brand continues to go from strength to strength.


Here at MFM it is common knowledge that when we really love a brand, we pretty much want every piece they offer. This lust for style is bred from the idea of luxury and stylish pieces that are extremely difficult to resist. Coach is such a brand, their masculine and rugged yet refined aesthetic is something that appeals too many of us here.

As you can imagine, many of us have a fair few items that we carry with us as part of our working artillery. These can include things such as pens, notebooks, iPad, laptop or Mac, wallet, keys and the list no doubt goes on. So when we spied the many items from Coach that would assist us in our hectic lives, you can understand that the idea of us practically salivating over these luxurious leather pieces is nowhere near an exaggeration.

coach 3

These pieces pictured below are just a small selection of items that many of us want (and some have already purchased) to add to our AW14 wardrobes. There are some incredible pieces of outwear and knitwear, as well as some wonderful leather goods such as bags, wallets and even iPad covers. Take a look and see what you think.

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bleecker leathercourier bagsmap bags

harness pouchid walletscoin wallets


Very soon I shall personally be investing in a Coach bag, simply because I really want one and have for a while. The folks here at MFM are all in the process of building their AW14 looks and you can bet that there will be a few of the  wonderful Coach pieces making an appearance. For more information and to pursue the collection further, head over to the official Coach website.