Brand Watch: Björn Borg

As a menswear advice website we always dictate this idea of making a statement through your clothes and how you dress, but as a majority we always think of the exterior layers. It is a rare occasion when we remember to think about what goes on underneath our clothes; the sartorial foundations are also something that should be considered. We’ve mentioned before about how men’s underwear is the foundation to any outfit, because if you were great underwear then you feel great. If you wear bad, poor quality underwear then it is clear you don’t think as highly of yourself as you really should.

bb 001

Björn Borg is a Swedish brand that takes fun underwear very seriously; in fact what you wear underneath your clothes is the core basis of their company and is their most popular selling product. It is their largest product area and they make products for men, women and even children, ranging from loungewear, socks, swimwear and even functional sportswear. Their range of products is all about this idea of being trendy and fashionable from within, and the brand has become famous for its range of prints and colours that really represent the brands vibrant personality.

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While the brand does sell women’s and children’s products, it is clear that the men’s ranges are the most popular pieces because according to their website, menswear accounts for around 76 percent of their overall sales. While this is clearly great for them as a brand, we are also happy to hear this because we feel it’s about time us men, take our underwear a little more seriously and invest in quality products you would be happy to show off, should the opportunity ever arise.

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There is literally something for everyone within the Björn Borg brand, subtle pieces with subtle colour accents for the more conservative of us or pieces that are bolder than bold for those of us that love a bold statement. The proof really is in the pants for if you compare the feeling of putting on a pair of cheap, poor quality pants with the amazing feeling of putting on a high quality product, there really is no comparison here. Not to sound to tongue in cheek, but is gents really should take care of our crown jewels, and clearly our readers are the most stylish gents out there, surely we all deserve the very best regardless of the intend purpose of any piece of clothing.

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We really don’t need to go on and on about what makes Björn Borg so great because the product clearly speaks for itself. Here at MFM we take our style very seriously and only believe in investing in the highest of quality and most stylish pieces. The sheer fact that we dedicate articles so single brands, we feel, speaks volumes in how highly we regard said brands, Björn Borg is one of those brands and who doesn’t love a bit of fun and colour in their lives? So we think you need to take a look at the range of products they offer, so you can see where we are coming from.

Fancy Pants

johns wild thingthe bomb meggingstooth on tooth

pack side logologo printed trunkrunning solid trunk

underwear trunkcontrast stitch trunk3 to go trunk

boxer shortsborg boxer shortsbjorn boxer shorts

black boxer shortsred boxer shortsprinted boxer shorts


As you can see this really is a bold brand that is all about making a clear statement, even their most subtle pieces still manage make even the smallest of statements. If you’re looking to revamp your pants drawer, then we suggest throw out all your grubby, awful pants and make Björn Borg one of your main priorities for your pants. Trust us, you won’t regret it.