Brand Watch: Aspinal of London

Sometimes, well maybe more times than we can imagine, our obsession with luxury accessories can take over and we can become blindsided by impeccable pieces that would elevate our personal style. This is by no means a bad thing, far from it in fact. If this obsession is triggered into overdrive then we have to think that whatever brand we are looking into at the time is clearly worth its attention.

aspinal 1

Aspinal of London is such a brand where it is very difficult to find a product that we do not like. In fact there is so much choice of product each season that it can become a little overwhelming, but in the excited way and not the intimidating way we normally expect.

aspinal 2

There is a large selection of pieces for us gents, while there is also something to please the ladies. They also stock a wonderfully stylish selection of albums, books, home ware pieces and gifts which we shall show you later on.

Early Days

The brand was originally founded in 2001 by the current and longstanding chairman Iain Burton. Aspinal of London began its journey designing and manufacturing exquisitely handmade small leather pieces and hand bound leather books with the creative talents of artisans found in England and Italy. It wasn’t until five years later, in 2006 that the brand extended itself beyond its online retail shop to open a store within Selfridges, London. It only took the company a further six years to launch six standalone retail locations in London and then opening its first international retail store in Kuwait in January of 2013.

aspinal 3

The brand is clearly founded on and lives by an ethos of beautiful, elegant and refined designs of superior quality. Something the folks here at MFM are proud to say is held as a shopping ethos when we are looking to top up our wardrobes. We also believe on longevity when it comes to a product, we see clothes, shoes and accessories as investments that can be cherished and lovingly worn for a lifetime. This is why Aspinal of London is a company that we believe in because every single product that is produced is done so with pride, care and a style that is quintessentially British, designed and manufactured in England.

The Products

The pieces that come from this brand are effortlessly stylish and sophisticated, so much so that you may find yourself stuck for choice or a rapidly depleting bank balance. Personally speaking, I am an accessory junkie and this brand is offering up fix after fix of luxury highs that you may find your web browser difficult to close. Please enjoy checking out these wonderful products below, and don’t forget the level of professional craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of these amazing pieces.

brown nubuckshadow holdallsmall shadow messenger

smooth cognacgrey nubuck crocsmooth moss green

sterling silver platedred enameloval bicolour cufflinks

university merino woolcharcoal woolpinstripe merino

rustic journalsmall pen caseleather pen

Homeware & Gifts

This small selection of pieces are great ideas for gifts either for birthdays or the incoming festive holidays, but there is also nothing to say that you can’t purchase any of these as gifts for yourself. There must be something you owe yourself a reward for.

chairman desk setdesk blotterbusiness card holder

diary with penleather padfolioleather pencil case


It’s clear how quality and style are a core element of the Aspinal of London design process, and we are lucky enough to be able to purchase these items to live with us during our hectic lifestyles. Rarely is it that style and substance blend in such a cohesive and harmonious way, so it is essential that we all have a piece of this brand in our lives. For more information, and to peruse the endless number of products, head over to their official site HERE.