Brand Spotlight: SurplusTR

Fashion is a competitive and challenging world so it’s crucial when launching a new brand to think up something new and creative. Surplus to Requirements Apparel or SurplusTR as it is known has done just that. Drawing its inspiration from street and youth culture with a mix of music and urban art, SurplusTR, a new company, has already established itself as something exciting and edgy. All things we, at MFM, love.


SurplusTR came to light with its debut collection in August of this year, having already opened its doors a few months earlier. Founder – or, his other title The Brainchild of the brand – is Mike Nathan Whiteley, a Graphic Design graduate and lover for casual, wearable clothes. Whiteley used his experience – having worked in Germany and the UK – and incorporated that into his brand.


From pocket t-shirts to prints, each item of clothing brings with it a 21st century flare. The collection shows, very interestingly, a value for art and artists. The urban art, for example, comes through with lip and face prints – a very Kafka-esque motif – when the floral pocket t-shirts nod towards SurplusTR’s understanding of its time and place in the fashion world.  It does not, however, give into clichés. SurplusTR keeps its very firm and artistic stamp.

As lovers of all things fashion we’re always on the look-out for the next best thing and, for casual wear with an artist license, we found SurplusTR. Like the world of fashion, SurplusTR is embracing change, creating something new, exciting and, most importantly, original.


If you don’t believe us, head over and see for yourselves. Visit the SurplusTR collection.