Brand Spotlight: Sir Plus & Cabbage

How businesses are formed is always an interesting story. In the case of Sir Plus, it’s more so: “I wanted to start a boxer short company, so set about my research talking to tailors,” Sir Plus owner says. “They informed me that they often make their boxer shorts from the fabric left over after they make up an order of shirts. It all stemmed from here.”

In the world of fashion, the term ‘cabbage’ is used to describe the surplus and off cuts or end of the roll fabric remaining after an order has been made up. Within the industry, these pieces of fabric are usually discarded. Not within the case of Sir Plus.

Taking materials that have been discarded is an idea that plays into the vintage feel that continues to grow in men’s fashion societies. Borrowing and transforming previous concepts with fashion is what we, at MFM, believe to be crucial when making something new. Sir Plus has done this, using scraps of fabric to firstly make boxers but they have now broken into the land of waistcoats, jumpers and T-shirts.


With waistcoats being worn by people such as Marcus Mumford and boxer shorts worn by Cara Delevigne, Bill Nighy & Lily Allen, Sir Plus is wrapping its mind around the woollen, elegant look. Here, double breasted waistcoats are the cornerstone for any wedding event. Here, going on a date means you should be wearing mustard boxer shorts, not tedious whites.

The Sir Plus brand is not just a way of expressing interest and appreciation for fashion, it’s a nod to all things different, it’s a way of standing out from the crowd, a sheer attempt of resistance to simply blending.

white checked boxersshetland wool socks

linen waistcoatred tartan waistcoat

Being a dapper chap has never been easier. Now, with Sir Plus and their use of the term cabbage, that statement is now so easy to incorporate into everyday outfits. If you don’t believe us, head over to the website and check it out for yourself. The word cabbage will have a whole new meaning. See the full collection here.