Brand Spotlight: Roziak

Roziak is dedicated to becoming a globally recognised tie bar brand. Simple, timeless, yet innovative. And whilst operation only began in January of this year, the aim to have the largest selection of high quality tie bars is turning into a reality with an ever-growing collection of creative accessories.


But who actually are Roziak? And who claims responsibility for this brand new brand?

Well, his name is Filip. Filip, the founder of Roziak. In a world where being unique gets you ‘much further than blending into the crowd’ (his words, though we agree), Filip began his career in the insurance industry, and with a new career came a new wardrobe.

Office wear calls for shiny shoes, snappy suits and, of course, a tie to finish it all off.


Having been an avid fan of fashion and style, this interest transformed into a love of clothing and the need to design and accessory menswear. Goodbye, insurance. Hello, fashion! After many failed attempts, and even more dollars spent, along came the advent of Roziak tie bars. So sit back, relax, and choose the right tie bar for you.


From smart phones to sparkling wines, we live in a world painted in gold and rose gold hues. What we like about this brand is that its innovation is routed in tradition.

The tie bars come in two distinct collections. Our old favourites: Gold and Platinum. These two timeless finishes are paired with exciting colours to match ties of all spots and stripes. So even little Elmer the elephant can be ready for any occasion this season.


Not only are the Gold and Platinum collections stylish, they are practical and functional, too. Yes! They are expertly designed to reduce slanting with the addition of a stabiliser bar in the middle to hold your tie and the bar in place. Clever, eh?

These stunning bars will make a great addition to your accessory collection, but you better make haste if you want one soon. Some of the Rhodium-plated finishes are already sold out and may not be seen again ’til after Christmas; the fashion industry loves a bit of supply and demand. So you better write to Saint Nick quick(ly) before all the good ones go!

Finishing Touches

So there you have it. Roziak offers a wide selection of exclusive tie bars; whether you play it safe with subtle styles or prefer a vibrant and powerful look, this exciting brand has something for everyone.

However, what’s special about this brand is its exclusive elusiveness. Yes the goal is to have the largest selection of tie bars on the market, but in order to maintain exclusivity, only a very small quantity of each piece is produced. This ensures that each product is created with extreme care and attention to detail.

The question, therefore, remains: How will you wear yours?

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