Brand Spotlight: Rebel & Crown

There are some brands out there that creep around, silently. They tap us on the shoulder, tell us to follow and we do so without question. It’s like being in some sort of circus, led to a secret one. And one of these tap on the shoulder, secret circus brands is Rebel & Crown who have become so popular that they’ve sold out…for the time being.

crown 1

Plain t-shirts: boring or a staple in the men’s fashion wardrobe? Well, with Rebel & Crown they believe it to be important, fun and above all, fashionable. Whilst working with designer Douglas Davis, the brand has explored the craftsmanship of Savile Row and transformed that into the t-shirts that they offer.

These t-shirts are centred around the fit and the fabric used. We all know how we want our t-shirts to look and, with spring here and summer coming, it stands to reason that it would be important. What length do we want our sleeves? How do we want the tee to fit out bodies? We need options, we need experimentation and that’s what Rebel & Crown offers.

crown 2

There are three silhouettes they offer. The Extra Easy is the first which has a relaxed look, the fit has a thrown on demeanour. The second is the Super Slim which is all about framing the body, it has a narrow cut. With these kinds of fits in mind it’s important to think what goes with it. A Super Slim tee could go perfectly with a pair of slim shorts or, if it’s not that hot, skinny trousers.

Finally, we have the Standard Sculpted fit which has a tapered waist. It hugs the figure more so than the Super Slim thereby giving more options of what to wear with it. With Rebel & Crown it’s all about subtly. This comes with the use of colours: soft, quiet whites, blacks, reds and blues, all of which will aid you in the upcoming summer.

So if you’re waiting to make your purchase you better keep refreshing their website that says they’re out of stock for the time being. Get refreshing, get waiting, you want to get in there first.