Brand Spotlight: Edge Signature

Edge Signature LLC is a modern collection of men’s accessories which include: the new rounded Edge Men’s necktie, as well as snazzy socks, terrific tie clips, printed pocket squares and much more.

The brand’s aim is to present a unique twist to fashion through well-tailored quality products with signature styles. With these accessories, you’ll be able to fall in love with fashion without spending the big bucks for it.

In this article, we’ll concentrate on the new rounded Edge tie. This is a new style of necktie which has a round/oval bottom edge. Not only will this add uniqueness to your style, but you’ll most certainly stand out out in a crowd (if you’re that someone ready to be found).

The New Twist To Fashion

So let’s dive into fashion fun. The new patent pending design might soon revolutionize the necktie industry. Edge Signature proudly presents its accessories by showcasing a collection of stylish products at an affordable price point; because, let’s be honest, we want all want to look like a celebrity without spending like one.

What’s more, the brand guarantee a satisfaction to their customers because first and foremost, they believe in the products. Fashion shouldn’t be rigid and static, so they aim to deliver amazing styles to us mortals by making us look outstanding.


As you can see, Edge Signature has successfully completed its mission in creating a traditionally-made necktie with a unique twist. The collection shows ties with rounded edges and is made with a 100% woven silk material. Classy. Check. Modern. You got it!

The collection is designed to fit into every man’s wardrobes and we believe will become a daily essential in your life. Whether you’re want to be stylish at work, or keep on trend at the bar, then look no further. The ties come in a range of colours, and prints, from stripes to polka dots, and are so affordable.


What’s more, they look great and offers something different from the standard v-edge ties or knitted ties which were on trend in past seasons.

Other Accessories

As you’ve probably figured out by now, the brand looks to present a new twist to men’s fashion accessories. But this doesn’t stop with the necktie industry.

By finding and creating new men’s accessories which aim to enhance our daily styles we turn our heads, and feet, to Bamboo sock, pocket squares and belts. You’re most certainly covered re. accessories, right?

Running with the theme, bold prints and colours abound with each accessory, a trademark, if you will, of the unique brand. Just be careful you don’t over accessories and pair striped socks with a polka dot pocket square and jazzy coloured tie. Pick your battles carefully.

edge signature belts

What’s more, Edge Signature have partnered with Anson to create a collection of holeless belt. That’s right. Even the belt business is being revolutionised.

Finishing Touches

Accessories are as important as your outfit’s main components. Getting it right doesn’t have to be tricky. In fact, the right accessory can transform any wardrobe choice, a reason why we love this brand and the collections showcased above so much. Check out some of the fabulous products by visiting their website here.