Brand Spotlight: Duggers Of London

When we hear the words ‘low price’ we immediately have reservations. ‘Low price’ to many of us means bad quality, especially when it comes to shoes. But in the case of Duggers of London those two words mean just the opposite. Duggers of London prides itself on being run by two people – simply referred to by their first names as Paul and Mark – that have impeccable experience in the quality of shoes and the need of low prices. This collaboration of skills makes us, at MFM not just excited but intrigued.


Duggers of London was built on three basic principles: quality, cost and a business ethic. They very carefully pick each kind of shoe that it takes on and sells. This choice creates a spread of variety – as you can see in the picture above – and the different choices feed into quality. With Paul’s experience, Duggers has only the very best shoes to sell, that, coupled with Mark’s expertise on pricing, brings an overall original and optimistic piece of fashion retail.

Duggers of London is not just an online shoe store, it’s a careful selection of the very best in style. From leather to suede, Duggers originality is what stands out. Each shoe is different, each shoe has its own name and with that selective eye, each shoe matters.


Being specific within fashion is yet another thing we value here at MFM. Specificity counts towards taste and style. Duggers of London does just that, offering a variety of shoes that can add to the smart column of your wardrobe. As well as this, the shoes have a wonderfully conscious price. If you haven’t had a look, you should, you don’t want those bargains to walk away from you.

To view the full collection, head over to Duggers of London