Brand Spotlight – Diffusion

Diffusion revolves itself around the understanding of the significance of fashion in one’s lifestyle. Their first multi-brand store was opened over twenty years ago and to date their mission of sourcing leading and upcoming brands to put into their stores and make existing and potential customers aware has been a success.

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The nature of the fashion business is that there are a lot of avenues to be explored, a lot of opportunities that are thrown at them. Diffusion has been no exception and it was in 2006 that they had the chance to open their first G-Star Raw franchise in the Bullring shopping centre, Birmingham. Upon taking such an opportunity their list of designers and brands have expanded.

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From Lyle Scott to Vivienne Westood, from Obey Tourist to Armani, Diffusion’s growing list has been spread around the UK. Since Birmingham, it has opened nine mon-brand stores, at destinations such as London, Manchester and Cardiff, making it the biggest partner for the Dutch denim brand within the UK.

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Staying true to its roots has been a founding feature of Diffusion who have boomed in the past couple of years. They have retained their hallmarks and principals with regards to service and allowing the customer to experience new brands.

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Diffusion has always been a company that recognised the importance of having an online presence and did so not just to sell but to reach as many people as possible, to expose them to their brands and innovative view on fashion. Don’t waste any more time, head over and have a browse on their official website all the while hear Diffusion’s personal logo: “we love your style.”