Brand Spotlight: Awl & Sundry

Have you ever stopped to think – how personal are your shoes? Who made them? Why were they made that way and how do they reflect you? This was what ran through the makers at Awl & Sundry’s minds when they set out to create their company. Their goal seems simple. As they, themselves, said: “we set out to find a way to offer shoes of handmade quality, true durability and personalised distinction within a price range the everyday shoe hound like us could afford”, yet it’s the simplicity that makes Awl & Sundry something unique.

sundry 1

Made up of shoe lovers, Awl & Sundry have already charged their way to the front of the men’s footwear world. When asked about how they came to be such a success they said “it lies within a select group of seasoned artisans who take meticulous care in creating every shoe, adhering to proven method of handmade construction including enduring goodyear welting method of sewing the uppers to the soles.”

sundry 2

There’s an old fashioned appreciation for footwear when it comes to this company where the evidence proves that they not only look to where men’s footwear goes in the future but where it has come. The online shoe design interface has become the crux of Awl & Sundry which allows us fashion enthusiasts to take an active approach in the shoemaking. With this device comes the whole point – we get to create our own personal footwear, choosing from shoe lasts, colours, materials and patterns.

sundry 3

Awl & Sundry are not about giving out the same thing. They believe that the shoes were walk around in should say something about us. They should add to our outfit with our own personal signature. Now, it seems, all we have to do is log onto their website to take charge.