Brand Spotlight: Art Of Football

That moment for every football fanatic out there, the moment your team scores the goal that sends you and your piers into a complete rush of ecstasy. Be it a late winner, a sublime finish from your hero, a triumphant league/cup campaign, or a miracle comeback, every fan has their favourite memories that they will relish forever.

At MFM we’re always on the lookout for unique brands who come up with outside the box ideas, and here we have just that. The Art of Football are exciting new t-shirt designers who have been inspired by magical footballing moments to create a way of beautifully capturing them.

image 1

Instead of using the familiar concepts of generic quotes or a printed image of a footballers face, they’ve developed a very different philosophy. By combining simple clothing with artistic imagery, they’ve been able to come up with unique pieces to grab hold of your favourite moments that you cherish and do them justice. So instead of showing your pride through a low quality image, you’re doing it with a more elegant piece of art.

image 2

They have designs recalling famous feats of several different premier league clubs. So whether you’re a United fan looking to treasure Rooney’s spectacular overhead winner, a Manchester City fan looking to capture Aguero’s dramatic league winning goal (which actually kick started the inspiration for this collection), a scouser wanting to celebrate the penalty shootout triumph in 2005’s champions league final or a gunners supporter looking to pay tribute to the record breaking invincibles campaign, there are plenty of different designs here for you to pay homage to your club’s historical moments.

nou camp teeking tee

scissorkick teelegs tee

invincibles teealways mee tee

We think this is a really trendy and intelligent concept, which gives you a unique piece of clothing or memorabilia, perfect for yourself or the football enthusiasts in your life.

A great gift too, as the packaging is a highlight. Including some classic Football stickers, tasty chocolate footballs and a few more surprises, it’s a great concept to look into. Take a look at the full collection here .