boohooMAN: The Psychedelic Fantasies of the Trippy Sixties

For those of you that are now way long past the age of 30, the age where you became useless, this is the time of a bitter experience to look back at a up and coming generation that was seduced by this cult of youth. Tending toward a quietism, the hippie culture of the 60s was an apolitical counter-culture embodying a movement that the psychedelic lifestyle had an effect, not just on music, but also many aspects of popular culture. The style of dress, language and the way people spoke, art, literature and philosophy, and a less materialistic life.

An art style, that was greatly influenced by the prevalence of hallucinatory drugs, with typical designs of  abstract swirls in intense colours,trippy swirls of intense colours with curvilinear calligraphy reminiscent of Art Nouveau, going onto the hippy culture that affirmed peace, love, sensuousness where everyone was turned on and happy and floating free.

What do you get when you cross the trippy boohooMan SS22 summer wardrobe with a collaboration with Trippie Redd? One of the most creative and versatile artists in hip-hop today, making his music that is massively appealing and wildly experimental and bringing on a massively appealing summer look! If you’re looking for an artist that can make your summer style worthwhile, he can get you hype one minute and serenade you the next, then look no further than Trippie Redd.

We’re talking about oversized graphic tees, matching jersey shorts. Regular fit doodle graphic hoodies, joggers, graffiti prints, acid wash, balaclavas, lightning socks, palm tree graphics, tie dye, and flame graphics.  Get into some serious statement summer gear that will add a fresh look and modern feel to your summer wardrobe!

Oversized extended neck tie dye t-shirt:

Oversized Flame graphic tie dye shorts:

Tis’ the season of the matching sets. We are closer and getting closer to the hot sticky summer wherer shorts and tees are the main man. Shorts have finally glowed up from being classified as too casual to a full-blown statement style and it’s clear that they can be wildly fashionable. And now, here’s another ultra stylish way to wear your shorts this season: by matching them to your damn shirt!

Oversized palm tree graphic print tie dye t-shirt:

Black loose fit palm graphic print tye dye shorts:

So, the concept is not a new thing, and hasn’t just magically popped up out of thin air. boohooMAN are offering you loose fitting, oversized sets in prints and patterns and although as we said shorts have had a long bad rap for being too unfashionable and messy to look good,  and when your wearing the match-y uniformed look it’ll make any outfit with shorts look more prominent and deliberate. It’s a shortcut to great shorts-centric style that we can get behind, and one that we know will help you beat that summer fashion blues and look as hot as fire. Match any of the tops to jeans or chinos if you need to smarten up in the evening.

Men co-ords are all about twinning like with like to create something totally different, making your look more extraordinary and more luxe. Consider for bashments, resorts, pub life, girl life, bashments or simply making a statement about town. 

These are the ones you should be getting your hands in right now: boohooMAN