It’s not just a jacket, it’s an investment.

A decent, good-looking leather jacket will be your next best investment outside of the suit, and this Voyager shearling jacket is made from soft premium sheepskin, which will give you the great fit and let’s be honest what’s more achingly hip than a perfectly fitted jacket. 

With this jacket, the devil is in the details, biker panelling, durable brushed silver hardware, quilted cotton lining and zipped pockets are just a few of  Boda’s key signature subtle statements. So it’s not just teenagers or guys going through a midlife crisis in order to wear one. 

But it will be the way you wear yours. 

Dress it up, but keep your jacket and tie on the slim side. This isn’t your daytime business attire: it’s night-out gear.

Dress it down, if you’re  thinking of wearing this jacket with attitude, the rest of your outfit needs attitude, too. Chelsea boots, and slim-fit black jeans will jibe well with casual-Friday night out.

Just remember you’re buying a Boda Skins leather jacket and it’ll fit like the perfect one. 

Buy online here: The Voyager Shearling

Nathan Alexander is the founder and CEO of Boda Skins. His creation was the ‘Kay Michaels’, named after his late good friend, the original Kay Michaels. Now evolved into new colourways and patterns. Coming up it’s 10th anniversary it is still one of Boda Skins best sellers. His drive, passion, and skills have made his KM jacket a hit with some of the biggest stars in the world, Just Timberlake, Johnny Depp and Chloe Kardashian to name but a few.

And with Nathan at the forefront of his brand, he couldn’t be prouder.  We know that the company will grow, and grow, The Kay Michaels jacket will live long in his heart and his Boda Skin leathers will continue to stand the test of time.