BLOOBLOOM – These sunglasses become a reflection of your personal style and confidence

How many of you guys wear sunglasses, probably all of you at one stage, how many of you actually think about the style? In all probability, you go for the action-man aviator, maybe black chunky wayfarers, but, yes but, have you ever thought outside the box? We know it’s tempting to stick with the classic choices, but beyond that there are numerous options available in terms of style, shape, and design that would probably really suit you. There are some compelling arguments for embracing uniqueness when selecting men’s sunglasses.

Your choice of sunglasses can express who you are, an opportunity to express your unique personality and style, and by opting for something different, it’s a great way you can stand out from your mates and showcase your individuality. Choosing sunglasses that deviate from the mainstream can introduce you to unconventional aesthetics, as unique designs often incorporate innovative materials, interesting patterns, or unusual shapes that catch the eye.

While classic sunglasses have their appeal, versatility is the name of the game, by opting for a unique style you may find that, actually it’ll give you a bit of a suave edge, a sartorial look, a touch of class, and even to the ladies, an air of mystique, well it was worth putting that in. Come on now, you know we’re telling the truth don’t you? There must have been times when you’ve seen that guy that’s wearing an unusual pair of sunglasses, and you’ve thought, hell, now they are nice! But while being unique in your choice of sunglasses doesn’t mean ignoring trends completely, it does offer an opportunity to experiment and put your own spin on selecting a unique frame shape, colour, or lens type, you can incorporate current trends while maintaining your personal style. 

It’s great when you’re supporting independent brands, and by supporting these smaller businesses, you will find that they often prioritise craftsmanship, quality materials, and attention to detail, ensuring that your sunglasses are not only unique but also well-made and durable. The Player is a funky round pair of sunglasses that can also play on your serious side, looking good on tough boys, as the glasses are UV blocking, lean and mean. The Prodigy, now these bad-boys are not round and definitely not square, and hopefully makes you feel like a total unassailable badass. The Sculptor, very cool, a little different, and best dished up poolside in swim trunks and a cold beer. Just don’t let your girlfriend take them.

All the sunglasses are made with wire and acetate, traditionally handmade through fifty or seventy stages of production, would you believe, hand polishing and ceramic tumbling. Italian acetate parts, adjustable nose pads, and teflon-coated screws. Coming in with your sunglasses are free anti-scratch and anti-reflective coatings, a vegan leather case, 100% UVA and UVB protection, lens cloth, tote bag and screwdriver and best of all 2 year guarantee on frames and lenses. And you can try 5 frames in the comfort of your own home for free!

Also BlooBloom are an eyewear company that  will give you a fresh pair of eyes under glasses, who have lovingly brought glasses and sunglasses with a difference, and give back with the Pair for Pair programme. One pair purchased, one pair donated, it’s worth the read as in donating they can change peoples lives.

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