Blogger Spotlight: He Spoke Style

At MFM, we love to write about fashion but our love doesn’t end there. We also love to read about fashion. So when exciting blogs such as He Spoke Style comes flying in our direction we have no choice but to stop and read.


Brian Sacwa, the author and creative director of He Spoke Style, says how he sees connections between style and music. It’s an interesting and fresh perception on style. Where music – different songs, different notes – suggest a meaning and give off an atmosphere so does fashion. With this thought in mind, Sacwa decided to create a personal style blog. Having already enjoyed a successful career as a musician – gaining publications in The New York Times and the Washington Post, as well as wining a Grammy – he was well equipped to produce an exciting, unique blog that, as he puts it, inspires and communicates to as many people as possible. Now, as he updates his blog – now his business – Sacwa says that he doesn’t have a lot of free time. He’s OK with that, however, he’s doing what he loves.


As He Spoke Style is now his business, Sacwa doesn’t work alone. Rob McIver, the company’s Photographer and Art Director, plays a huge part in the making of the blog. After all, what kind of fashion business doesn’t have top notch photos, some of which you can see right here. McIver’s love of his job – much like Sacwa’s – is summed up when he says, “photography became a way for me to create, document, explore and communicate my experiences.” And what better way to communicate than through photos of fashion?


And what could be more inspiring? Brian Sancwa, an already well-established and talented musician decided to speak out about something he felt passionate about and does so with such clarity and honesty that at MFM, we can’t get enough. So go over and check it out for yourself. Don’t get enough. View the blog here.