Blogger Spotlight: Dapper Lou

The word ‘dapper’ means well-dressed and that is what Lougè Delcy’s is all about. Delcy, founder of is known for his own well-dressed personal style which he describes as a juxtaposition of traditional and modern menswear. An entrepreneur, a fashion writer and above all a fashion enthusiast, Delcy is all about the work and style of modern men.


Lougè, born and raised in Brooklyn, had his interest in fashion sparked by the style of New York. It was because of this that he went on to gain a career in fashion – an internship at Jakob Schlaper and a freelance stylist and writer position at This commitment and love waved into his career which has led him to work with H&M, GAP, Zegna and more. But his most impressive creation to date is his website which he created when he saw that men’s fashion websites looking at street-style were thinly scattered. He found himself walking along the street and drinking in different men’s spin on different looks and styles. Thus, became the basic premise for his website that he, himself describes as a platform for endless creativity that aims to inspire those interested in menswear. 


And as you know, we’re very much interested in that subject. Not just menswear but people that are pushing the meaning of fashion. Lougè’s style – as well as his website – has attracted attention and Lougè has featured in, The Huffington Post, ESPN Magazine and more. So, is Lougè a dapper chap? Most definitely. Not just for his fashion but for his commitment and passion. To view more about Lougè check out his blog by clicking here.