BLACK TIE WATCH CO. Go, get it – this is the best watch for turning heads


If you could choose a watch, that would make the guy next to you look twice, you wouldn’t say no would you? There are some watches that are dress watches, and some that are for everyday wear, but what if you could have both, all in one watch. A watch that is a classic timepiece, round case-day-date, a Quartz movement, a leather strap, alloy case material, water resistant 3 ATM, and the face material; K1 hardened mineral crystal and it’s imbued with all the elegance that you would expect from the Black Tie Watch Co production and a watch that you can definitely wear with something other than a tux.

If you’re a man in search of that elusive watch you’ve been looking for every day, do not fear the polished gold dress watch, one with a beautifully clean dial, that’s designed to live up to your very finest jeans and T-shirt, you can wear it with a suit, you can wear it with shorts and a linen shirt, and nothing will change the fact that the gold Apollo chronograph watch is simply is bold and dynamic, all in a class of its own, and is really pretty stunning, and nothing will change the fact that the Apollo watch by virtue of its standout look, deflect any concerns you have that you don’t look like a super rich guy.

The reality is that no matter what the haughty watch people say, if you really want  to wear your Apollo watch with a more casual outfit is totally fine. Wear one to a black-tie wedding, wear it to breakfast in your oldest levis, a fave shirt. Wear it to a job interview, then out later that night with a turtleneck or go bold with a pair of slim jeans and cashmere sweater.

Of course, the unavoidable point about a rich dress watch is that it’s also priced accordingly,  but the Apollo is at great affordable price for everyone, so dial up the cost-per-wear by simply never taking your watch off. Every watch is an investment and heirlooms and if you take proper care they will last forever, enough that you may even be able to pass them down to the next generation. After all, really nothing looks better or more sophisticated than a watch that has a story behind it.

You should keep it under your cuff, it’s not chic to wear it over your sleeves, so that if you want someone to see it, reach for something across the table. But really, in general, to other people, let the Apollo speak for itself.