The Best Men’s Jeans For Under £30?

Jeans are a staple in any man’s wardrobe, but how do you shop for them on a budget?

With a variety of styles, cuts, brands and retailers to choose from finding the best pair of jeans can be challenging. So in this video, we wanted to do that hard work for you.

For just £30, what jeans can you get?

For just £30, where’s the best place to go?

You’ll discover all in this video.

Men’s Jeans On A Budget

When you don’t have a lot of money to spend, shopping around for the best possible pair is highly recommended. With jeans, fit is king alongside comfort as they’re of course an item you’ll wear often. But finding a pair that fit well and are comfortable is challenging…

You’ve probably experienced it before.

You go to one store, try on a pair of jeans in a style you’re used too in the size you’re used too to find that the jeans don’t fit. You then try another pair, this time in a different store but the same style and fit and they’re too big! Finding jeans that fit well is challenging, which is why you need to try as many pairs as possible at the beginning.

For this video, we headed to H&M, Zara, GAP, Forever 21, Topman and UNIQLO. All with different types of denim, styles, fits and prices.

blazer shirt and jeans

The best we personally found were from Zara, but this was reflective on the jeans we were personally looking for rather than the range of jeans they have to offer. GAP, surprisingly, provided good denim within the £30 budget.

So give the video a watch, and let us know in the comments the best pair of denim jeans you’ve found for under £30.