Best Men’s Bracelets to Wear: Formal, Street, And Casual Wear

In recent years, bracelets have become a statement of a man’s style. Men’s bracelets, cuffs, and bangles have become as much part of the male dress code as a wristwatch. Some men stick to one single bracelet but there are many different styles. You can build a whole collection of bracelets to suit any occasion if you wish. 

Here is the best selection of men’s bracelets for 2022 from the Elegatto collection by occasion.

Formal Men’s Bracelets

When choosing a bracelet as an accessory for formal wear, you need to look at items that will work well with a suit or a blazer. It needs to work equally well with a bow tie as a regular tie. It should suit a button-down shirt, dress shirt as well as regular workwear shirts. To match jewelry to an outfit, business casual should also be considered with formal outfits along with formal events such as a job interview. 


A narrow cuff style bracelet in sterling silver, Apollo makes a nice statement when revealed as a shirt cuff rides up. It is engraved with the Ancient Greek words Áόρῐστος Êργον which translate as indefinite work. A great thing about this formal bracelet is that it is great for layering with other bracelets when wearing a casual dress. 

Signature Gold

Also available in silver, the Signature is a great pick that bridges the gap between formal and casual. Combining precious metal-plated stainless steel with braided supple Italian leather, it gives a laid-back style to formal wear that won’t raise eyebrows. Comfortable yet sophisticated, it isn’t incongruous with a suit with tie and pocket square.


As men’s bracelets have moved into the mainstream in recent years, beads around the wrist have become a common sight. Although most beaded bracelets are probably more suited to casual looks, Jovian can look equally at home with smart and smart casual outfits. Made from polished stainless steel, it looks especially good with a stainless steel wristwatch.  

Men’s Streetwear Bracelets

Streetwear is a great buzzword that has entered our fashion psyche and most of us recognize street style outfits quite easily. Streetwear jewelry is an expression of style that either tie in smoothly with a streetwear outfit or clashes in a deliberate announcement of individualism and a statement of personal style. 


The meticulous detail of the intricate etching of this sterling silver-plated cuff is an expression of solidarity that brings the past and present together. Wear it on its own on your dominant hand as a conversation starter. 


The intricate braiding of the Freemont belies the fact that it is made from one single strand of full-grain vintage leather. Finished with a metal clasp, the beauty of this men’s bracelet lies in its apparent simplicity. Available in black and brown, it’s the perfect addition to a streetwear wardrobe. 

Vice Silver

Just the name leads you to the idea that this is destined for streetwear. If you are going to pick just one bracelet, you can’t go wrong with Vice. Crafted from high-shine silver-plated stainless steel beads, it features a central drum set with hexagonal stones and a braided rope and clasp system. It looks delicate yet masculine. 

Men’s Bracelets for Casual Wear

We all have our definition of a casual look as well as different levels of casual. You might, for example, see a t-shirt and jeans as the perfect outfit for lounging around watching TV at weekends but we’d more likely slip into a pair of chinos and a dapper shirt for a date. Generally, casual bracelets should fit any men’s style classed as a casual look. 

Uno Silver

Also available with a gold clasp, Uno is an upgrade to the basic string bracelet. For men who like a pared-down look, this bracelet of full-grain braided leather screams minimalism but also shouts style. It works great on its own but adds a touch of know-how to layered bracelets. 

Gen Black

Nothing says casual like a double string of high gloss black agate beads. It looks equally attractive with cardigans or short sleeve tees and stands well on its own or layered with a rope/braided bracelet or metal bangle. 

Anchor Silver

Nautical style bracelets have become one of the most popular of all the different styles of men’s bracelets and a common theme is an anchor.  Epitomizing the emblem in a simplistic form, the silver-plated, stainless steel Anchor bangle is sleek and effortless. It is best worn on its own to show it in all its glory. 

If you are new to the world of male jewelry and men’s bracelets specifically, you’ll find plenty of style tips online. You can learn about how to choose a bracelet, how to wear it, layering, and how to make bracelets a valuable part of your accessories arsenal. you can learn which works best with outfits for casual and formal events and how to express your style. The overriding thing to remember though is to always buy a bracelet you love!