Best Garment Steamers to Save Your Ironing Pile

We all know the pain of staring down the ever-growing basket of un-ironed clothes, wondering if anybody will notice the big crease in your t-shirt if you skipped the laborious task. Sorting out your crumpled clothing is a chore nobody wants to dedicate a day to, and with modern life meaning we’re busier than ever, it’s understandable that handheld steamers have gained more popularity in recent years.

Whilst these gadgets are helpful if you’re in a hurry, I wouldn’t recommend ditching the iron completely. They’re great for a quick going-over, but some items definitely need the full works. However, that being said, these nifty little devices have become quite technical of late. Different steam settings allow you to quickly change temperature, and steam outputs mean you’re able to steam a variety of garments in one session. They’re portable, so super easy for packing in your suitcase (goodbye, clunky travel irons), and one big draw for many people is that they’re less likely to burn your clothes as the steam simply relaxes the material as opposed to the hot plate of an iron.

So, here is a brief roundup of some of the best steamers on the market.

Philips – Series 3000 STH3010 Compact Garment Steamer


With a distinct hairdryer style, this steamer is extra travel-friendly as it comes with its own travel pouch. The handle also folds flat against the rest of the steamer, making it super compact. You’re safe from any potential steam burns as the design keeps your hands far away from the main element, and a two-metre cable means you have versatility in where you set up.

Steamery – Cirrus No.2 Pink Handheld Steamer


Long hailed by the fashion crowd, the handheld steamers produced by Stockholm-based Steamery may have a hefty price tag, but they’re well worth it. The Cirrus steamers boast a coated inside, meaning you’ll never need to bother descaling it if you only use distilled water. It comes with a fabric brush to assist in loosening clothing fibres, as well as a heat-proof bag which acts as both a steaming glove and a crease tool. Your tailored trousers will thank you.

Tefal DT303 Access Steam Pocket Garment Steamer


This is definitely one to take note of if you want your steamer to be speedy, as it takes a mere fifteen seconds to heat up. This model is great for de-creasing most items, but may struggle with deep-set creases. It is highly regarded for its compact design, meaning it won’t take up any much needed storage space in a smaller bedroom or shared flat. It also comes with a handy fabric brush and a travel bag.

Written by Tom Loughran